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Stopped using bp for less then a week and now this happens...

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Well a few days ago i got back from martha's vineyard with my friends. During the entire span of the trip (about 4 or 5 days) i wasn't able to put any benzoyl peroxide on my face because there was basically no place for me to find bp on the island.

anyway, i got back home with a mild breakout that i didn't really carre about because i've gotten them before and i just put some bp on and it's gone in a day or two.

so probably 2 or 3 days after i got back i was putting on my cetaphil moisturizer after my bp and right when it dries i immediately feel my skin become tight and dry. if you can imagine it feels like i smothered my face with elmer's glue and just let it dry. I've been dealing wiht this for 2 days and now it's all scaly around my mouth and stuff.

from what i gather there's basically a layer of wicked dry skin cells that i basically destroyed by reintroducing 10% bp back into my regimen after a little while.

what i'm planning on doing tomorrow is going to get a chemical peel or something to try and get this layer of skin off me, reducing myself down to 2.5% bp every other day. Before i used clean & clear persa-gel twice a day.

i guess my purpose in posting this is to wonder if this has happened to anyone else from intense use of bp or anything else. i just want to make sure i'm not having an allergic reaction to something or i got some kind of strange skin disease from the vineyard.

ahhhh and i look like absolute crap.

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Curious if you got a sunburn while on your trip? That may have made your skin extra dry and particularly sensitive to the BP.

Also - do you spot treat with the BP or do you use it all over? It seems odd that your skin would react after only not using it for a few days.

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That does seem a bit strange. Did you recently switch brands of BP? Or use more than what you usually would?

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