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Hey everyone i would like to tell you about my new regimen...i had it on here but apparently were not aloud to have links to products so here it is again. I use 5g of b5 and a zinc pill with some other vitamins good for the skin. i was using botchlas method and drink plenty of water. Heres the process outlined

1)take 3 b5 pills before breakfast and wash using botchlas method

2)take 3 b5 pills before lunch

3)take 4 b5 pills before bed, wash using botchlas method, and make sure i have had 8-10 glasses of water a day.

I have very oily skin under my eyes and on my nose, but everwhere else is fine. THe b5 has greatly reduced the oil and im only on the first week. The zinc & b5 together will keep me clear, and the botchla wash is just insurance basically. Water purifies the body, try and only have one pop a day and drink 8 glasses of water instead it helps GREATLY. I cant put links but you can find very cheap b5 and zinc at vitamins.com, and like i said im no salesman they just have cheap stuff that works good.

Let me know what u think

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nice! You haven't experience any side-effects with b5? People that are defficient in b5 have bad side-effects :o

I'm glad you've found something that works! smile.gif

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to be honest, you probably dont even need to do all that other stuff..b5 alone is enough to clear you up..ive been using b5 by itself and it cleared me up in a month ot two

but it is good to take zinc to heal exisiting acne i heard

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