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thanks for the detailed reviews!

i would do a review for every single product i've used for my acne...but i dont think i have the time, cos its kinda long...

but here's just a few:


Panoxyl wash- creamy and clean and easy bottle. didnt work for me as i think it might be too strong, or my skin was just purging (but when i first had acne, i was expecting a miracle product that would work overnight so i didnt give all the products i used enough time to say whether it really was good or bad).

DDF blemish foam- bought this due to liking other DDF products but i think my skins resistance to DDF is showing as now, i dont like any of their products excpet for their sunscreen. this cleansers ok i guess, i dont wear that much makeup, a bit of concealer and a light dusting of MMU, and it seems to remove it all. my skin feels nice and not too tight and dry after using this.


Clinique dramatic (cant remember the full name)- hated this AND all of clinques products which i bought. VERY oily and suffered from terrible breakouts after usign this, ended up using it as a body and hand lotion, which was useless still!

juice beauty green apple moisturiser- got all excited about their much raved about green apple peel and thouight ill buy more of their stuff----so wrong of me! sticky and left a white cast on my face

woah im getting tired of just writing 4 product reviews! so i'll stop here, but i have written reviews for all of the products iv used (i think) on makeup alley

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AcneFree Review

I have been on the AcneFree 3-Step system for a few weeks now.

The Good: The cheapest alternative to Proactiv. Bottle sizes last for about a month. Effective BP in cleanser and Repairing Lotion. It prevents new pimples from forming, but so far hasnt done too much to existing pimples. Takes away some redness, but that comes back over a while. Instructions are clear and easy to follow.

The Bad: Does not remove existing acne, only prevents new acne from forming. After the BP lotion, skin appears more oily than normal. Doesn't remove acne as well as promised.

Overall: Hey, the product is $20 at CVS. You can't expect too much from it. It does, however, an excellent job on keeping acne away from your face, just not removing existing acne. If you had a very slight case of acne, def buy this product, and make sure your face doesnt develop any new zits.

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