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Welsh Wizard

Welshy's Roaccutane Log

Some of you will know I've been waiting for this for bloody ages...anyway, last Friday I had the calling, and I am writing this day four into the course.

I'm on 4 tablets of 20mg per day, taking in the morning, and a hell of a lot of moisturiser as much as I can throughout the day.

So far as side effects go, I'm beginning to feel them:

- Really severe tiredness (being counteracted by pro plus and lucozade right now because of exam season)

- Dry skin (i'm at a loss as to what exactly to do with it aside from sticking tons and tons of moisturiser on)

- Burning feeling (my face is so red, I look like a beetroot)

No initial break out as yet, I assume it is too early to tell. Anyway, here's the first set of pics:

ok pics will be uploaded later once i've figured out how to rotate.meh.

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This is 2 weeks into tane...




As for actual side effects...the dryness is a lot better now (although I still have to stick on a lot of moisturiser). Stomach cramps after having two pints last night (and no, I'm not usually a lightweight!!), headaches for the first week aswell as extreme tiredness. I had excessive urination for the first week too, which was horrid.

The only 'current' side effect seems to be the dryness.

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hey welshy. glad u r finally on tane! good luck with yr course hope it all runs smoothly 4 u. keep us all updated! by fab 2 c yr progress

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Hey Welshy,

Image tags don't work here anymore, can you post the direct links instead?

or post them as attachments?

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