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PbN Sean

Light/Moderate Acne + Mild facial redness AOI thread!

Hey guys and gals,

First off, sorry if this is in the wrong place - I figured this would be the most suitable section as I have more of a problem with redness than the clearing of acne.


Now, about 2-3 months ago I stumbled upon a few Clearasil products (Clearasil Ultra - Daily Face Wash and Vanishing Acne Treatment Cream (10% bp)). It guaranteed clearer skin in 3 days, so I went ahead and gave it a shot. To my surprise, it actually did work, and I have been using it ever since. Frankly, my skin looks great as far as acne goes. It is nice and clear, although I do get a minor blemish or two a week.

This is all great, but I have come to notice that my skin is now a little red, especially under my eyes/cheek area and on the sides of my nose, then fades into a normal tone around my upper lip and below. Really, it is not too bad. I just noticed this the other day when I went for a hair cut and my bangs were pulled up - my forehead was definitely "whiter" than my cheek area (I do not wash/touch my forehead at all as my bangs or a hat always covers it and I do not get break outs in that area).

My Questions

1) Would you suggest another, maybe more mild daily face wash?

2) I plan on switching to a 2.5 - 5% BP cream or gel. Some say apply only to effected areas, but I usually apply it to most of my face. With a less intense product, maybe this will help with the redness?

3) I currently use Exuviance SPF 15 Moisturizer (non-comedogenic/acnegenic). I don't know if it is the BP or this, but I do experience some flaking, and hate it. Would you suggest something else?

Finally) With a new, less intense, face regimen in place (Cleanser, BP, and moisturizer), would it hurt to add Prosacea to the mix? I have been reading around and it seems to have done wonders for peoples' facial redness. Are there any negative side effects in using this along with the other products? When do I apply it (read - after cleansing, after bp, after moisturizing)?

Tl;dr - Read the questions section


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1. Purpose gentle cleansing wash, or Eucerin aquaphor gentle baby wash. I use the Eucerin and it works great for my sensitive skin.

2. 10 percent BP is very harsh. I would suggest sticking with a 2.5 percent.

3. Dove sensitive essentials sensitive skin facial lotion, or Complex 15 facial lotion. If you want one with an SPF, Purpose dual treatment moisture lotion SPF 15.

If you want to add Prosacea into your regimen, i'd reccomend doing it either during the daytime, or at night, but don't do BP and Prosacea at the same time because both can be very drying.

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Thanks for the reply. I really am not sure what to do. I would like to take a picture so it may be a little easier to decide whether or not I should actually start using Prosacea, but unfortunately I don't have a working camera...

I think I will try going with a less harsh cleanser and BP and see what happens from there. If I see no results, I will look into Prosacea. Hopefully my local Rite-Aid will have all of the products you suggested :)

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