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I am going to try it. I am 40 and still break out. I think worse now then when I was younger! Well too much caffeine? Could that make it worse? And stress from life!

I have read what I can here and it is a bit confusing to me. So many options. I ordered Dan's cleaner and BP.

I do have sensitive skin. I am looking for a moisturizer I can use. Hard! Right now stuck with the Oil of Olay for oily/combo skin. Really need one with sunscreen in the mornings and a plain one at night.

I read Dan will have a moisturizer coming out! Yeah! That is the hardest thing to find for my skin. That and makeup that agrees with it!

I have even more sensitive skin at 40! So taking it easy on my skin. Did not realize what I was doing to my skin was making it worse! I need to treat it softly! I was being too harsh with my skin. And having a bad reaction to it too.

I watched Dan's videos, that helped some.

Not sure where to post this even.

Thanks. Any advice for me? Are a lot of the ppl young ppl here? I feel so old, lol. Well one good thing about my oily skin, hardly no wrinkles. But not a big sunbather or anything.

My 19 year old daughter has a bit more freckles then me, I don't really have many. I use to fuss at her about sunscreen. I put in on her when she was little abut once they get past a certain age, they won't listen, lol.

My daughter has been doing good with kiss my face cream with I think 5% alpha hydroxy but I can't use it as it too oily or something for me! But then my daughter does not have as oily skin as me and she does not even break out as much as me!

But I am getting either age spots or some spots from acne? I want something to clear those up.

I have a friend with oily skin, older then me, she uses some Mary Kay makeup. Can be a bit more expensive then store brands, on a major budget here!

Both my friend and I as soon as we wash our face, I swear not even one hour later, it feels like an oil slick! But then if I use products that are too harsh, I get oily skin with red and dry spots! :doh:

Whew, this skin stuff can be confusing. I feel sure I need an AHA product too.

Can even hairspray can maybe break your neck out? It is aggravating. I have so much other stuff to worry about. I want to have my skin look better. Sure, it looks alright for the most part if I apply some makeup when I go out. But it bothers me!

I get up and look in the mirror. It affects your mind!

Also I have gained like 10 lbs. in the last year, might of been 12? I know I only weigh like 124 but still I am very small boned and about 5'4" and it does not look good on me! I can't carry much weight. I need to tone up. It seems to have all went to my tummy for the most part! :doh:

I know 10lbs does not sound like much. But when you get older your weight shifts or something. Mine did at 40. I turned 40 last year. Well could be worse. Had a lot of bad luck and stuff happen to me and my family in the last 3 years or so. Lucky to be here, so I better quit complaining!

Right now trying to work things out with my hubby. We have been married almost 21 years. Wanting to get back together. He has been at his parents the last few weeks. We are working on stuff! Life! Whew, more then I needed to put here? Was not sure where to put like an intro? Can move this if you need to.

I need a makeover, lol. And I want to throw out all my old clothes! I wear the lower hip type jeans now. I can never go back to regular jeans now! Whew, might need bifocals, lol. The joys of getting older! Well could be worse! But still breaking out!

Would a skin lighter product help my skin?


Have a great day.


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