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Is Subway really healthy?

I'm so glad someone asked this!

Subway is healthier than burger joints and other fast food restaurants, yes.

But this is relative. What bothers me is that Subway actually promotes the fact that they are a healthy meal, and this is completely false.

First, I don't feel good after eating Subway, this should be the first indication.

The meat is all pre-cooked, made to be reheated in 20 seconds. It is grown by the cheapest provider, which pump all their cattle, chickens with hormones. Afterwards, the meat is seasoned and stuff with preservatives so that it doesn't spoil. These preservatives are bad for you.

Afterwards, you have the vegetables, which are 'good' but unfortunately, they are all heavily genetically modified so that they can stay out for long periods of time without rotting.

Then you have the bread, the 'soft, gummy, clogging' bread, which tastes good but really isn't healthy for you. The cheese is not very healthy for you either. Nor is having chips, or cookies or coke with it.

Its still a RELATIVELY healthier choice than going to McDonalds, but at least McDonalds isn't pretending to be healthy. I'll eat junk food & fast food, I know its bad. I just feel bad that so many people are fooled by thinking they are eating healthy when they indulge in a 12" sub.

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None of the Subway's I've ever been to serve fries :think: They did away with the Atkins wraps, at my Subway atleast. Now they are using white flour wraps and they are horrible. :dry:

I personally am a HUGE fan of Quiznos :shifty:

All in all Subway food has to be better than deep fried red meat & potatoes you get at most fast food joints.

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we have Subway in the UK, and i think its really healthy (it has to be because of our governments regulations)

the only differance UK subways have is that they dont sell fries, unlike the US ones.

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