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hello all, new here

ive tried searching for my answers before posting btw.

1. what brands are you people using that you're having luck with? ive purchased acv but i want to know i didnt buy some non working bootleg acv rather than the kind that works. my brand is stop and shop and it comes in one large plastic gallon jug.

2. what is it supposed to smell like? some websites say fruit but mine reeks of sour bitter white vinegar odor. the color looks like apple juice but slightly lighter.

3. what concentration? is water diluted 5% acidity fine?

4. the ingredients list "acetous fermentation of apple alcohol". is this fine or is this something bootleg?

5. does it really matter whether i use acv with the characteristics above rather than the kind with that bacterial "mother of vinegar" in it like bragg's?

6. what are people talking about when they say acv is good for body and especially hair as a rinse because it's alkaline? isnt the entire point of acv the fact that it is acidic? how can something be acidic and alkaline when it's ph is clearly under 7.0 in the acidic range? are they talking out of their ass? even by diluting it further with equal parts or double parts water, i still can't see how it can turn from acidic to alkaline unless you add base to it. what gives?

any help would be good before i tear this thing open.

To the best of my ability..

1) I used the Heinz one in the past, but was told that organic ones are much more effective and less harsh.

2) It smells just like vinegar with that sour smell that you can't get rid of initially. The colour I think varies somewhat from brand to brand, my Heinz one was like you mention, apple juice but slightly lighter.

3) The concentration is fine, but to be sure you should experiment with it by diluting it with equal parts of water or 1:5 vinegar:water. That's what I learnt from what most people do here, you'll be diluting it with water so the actual acidity doesn't really matter much I presume.

4) Not sure about this, though I guess that it's part of the vinegar fermentation process?

5) I believe you could, because some people have tried using white vinegar and have gotten results.

6) Well, the vinegar is acidic not alkaline, just like your face. The consumption of vinegar is meant to help flush out toxins from your body and other beneficial effects.

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just use a brand name one, I take 2 tablespoons of it every night before I go to bed. I had better results drinking it, then putting it on my face.

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