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Birth Control and the Regimen

hey guys...ive been visiting these boards for months now and they really help me out when im feelin down about my acne, but also give great advie too!

I have had acne since about 3rd year in high school, so since i was about 15/16, i'd say it was at its worst when i was 16..ne way i just turned 18 last week so ive had acne for around 3 years...although as u can imagine it feels as if i've had it all my life. When I first went tot he doctors he prescribed me with small yellow pills. im tryin my hardest to remember the name ...oxytetracyclin i think (sorry bout my spelling) and eurythromycin gel for my face, well i dont know if my acne was just gettin worse when i started this treatment, but after i started it my acne went from slight to really aggressive (just on my forehead) my skin went so dry and red but i persisted. Eventually after 6 months i came off the tablets and cream, my skin calmed down but my acne on my forehead persisted(i'd say it vaires from mild to moderate).

Then i was put on another set of pills called Erymax(erythromycin), from what i can remember i was on these for about 6 months to a year and they made little if no difference to my skin. I came off all medication for a while and then at the beginin of this year i went on minocin with 5% bp..WOW.. i cleared up in about 2 weeks, this lasted for around 2-3 months and gradually my acne on my forehead returned..i kept on the minocin until june but after such great effects at first, my skin had just went bak 2 what it had been b4.

Finally in August I was given Dinette by my doc, i have been using it since then and i would say that it has made my skin alot drier(as oil was always a problem for me) and has cleared up alot of my acne, however i still get breakouts (just on forehead stil) which are hard to budge..so ive decided to give the regimen a go and keep on takin my bc..i live in scotland so i'll have to try to find similar products to dan's recommendations. Any way sorry for this being so long i just thought a bit of history about my acne would be helpful...i'll keep u all posted and try my hardest to stick to the regimen properly xxx

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day 2

i know its only been 2days but i have some time so i thought i would jst post on how i was doing. Using oxy on the spot bp(2.5%) washing with a gentle oil free soap, which doesnt dry out my face. The oxy doesnt appear to be dryin out my skin altho i havent exactly given it much time..it has made my skin a little bit red, but i used to use 10% so compared to how red that made me its nothing. on week 16 of dianette so its my four months, happy with progress, just hope diantte continues to make things better. Currently have no spots on my cheeks or chin...the ones on my hairline have gone down, but i still have a few in the middle of my forehead. Im gonna try a baking soda scrub today, ive used it before and it works pretty well, aslong as i use a little its not too harsh. Also goin to buy some natural bio yougurt today, this makes a great face mask..if u put it in the fridge for a little while and then put it on ur face, its sooo cold so it feels really refreshing...it calms down red marks and spots, and it dries in about 20 minutes..its up to you how long u wish to leave it on for, usually i do half an hour and then rinse it off. It doesnt cause breakouts either, infact i find it usually helps reduce my acne if its looking angry. Any way i guess i'll gibe the regimen some time to work and post back ina bout a week..wish me luck xx

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well its been almost a week since my last post..came off the regimen ( i know i should have stuck it out) 2.5% was not drying enought for my skin and was making me oily and red. Anyway i know if i'd have stuck it out things would have improved but i've changed things a bit to suit my skin. Use 10% bp in the morning, sometimes every 2nd morning depending on how my skin reacts..then at night i just wash with simple soap and put aloe vera gel on my face( feels really nice on my skin) i decided to use the aloe vera at nights because apparantly thats when ur skin needs the most moisture and the bp in the mornin because my skin usually gets more oily during the day. still takin bcp. cheeks r still clear, chin has one or two smaller spots, the ones in the midle of my forehead have calmed down and i think the aloe is making the redness go quicker..have a couple of small white heads at the top of my forehead. happy with my skin at the moment, but trust me i know how quickly that can all change so im not getting my hopes up....anyway fingers crossed

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