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hey all

im new to the board just thought id post my situation.

i got my first acne when i was 10 which wasnt ideal at the time but it stopped for a couple years after that. then it came back slightly more, this time around my mouth as supposed to on my nose. i popped n squoze the wee bastards, at the time using the entire produce by clearasil at one time or another.

it has to be said they are approximately the most useless company ever.

over summer the area around both my cheekbones decided being clear wasnt scenic enough so they decided to add lots of the big fat assed spots without tops. cysts the technical name? but anyway these guys scarred no matter what i did. the area around my mouth calmed down a lot but it still goes for an occasional zit. pretty scarred as wel it has to be said. the centre of my chin is actually just a red circle its had so many over time.

anyways i started dans regimen in august, it hasnt been a great success for me unfortunately. considered stopping many a time, but paranoid il regret it in the morning.

then end of november i started antibiotics (im 15 just now btw) oxytetracycline, it worked amazingly for my mate it has 2 be said. doctor bloke said i had to wait 3 months for decent effects. thats been one month n im pretty much the same (i can cope with current levels tho so its ok). so yeh thats pretty much it, get depressed when look in the mirror etc the usual problems. the cold is a nightmare as well, makes everyhitng dry n expandedly red. sad.gif

despite my acne i do have a girlfriend who said 'i dont notice it' and 'it doesnt matter when people love you' which obvioulsy helped no matter how true she was being?

anyways enough of the story, hopefully i will see improvements, as will everyone who has been forced here....

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