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Hi everyone...new to board!

Hi, I just found this board and I think it's great and full of wonderful information. My name is McNeil, I'm turning 23 next month and I currently live in Anchorage, AK. It's really nice to get to interact with other people that are going through the same thing I am. I would say I have moderate acne. But for the past month it's been horrible! I always thought it would be something I would "grow out of", but now I'm facing the fact that that's just not true. Just about everyday I have some small zit that pops up somewhere. And it seems like wherever you go, all of the people you look at have beautiful skin, talk about feeling alone!

What really gets to me though is the way it messes with your mind. I end up saying horrible things about myself. Things like, "why would anyone want to be my friend", or "why is this person interested in me, I don't understand how they could be". I know that puts everyone else in the position of being shallow, and I have to remind myself that not everyone is. But it's still hard to get past it because I feel so ashamed...I know I shouldn't, but I do. And when I start to feel ashamed is when it affects the person I am. Like at work, I'm a flight attendant and have to face hundreds of people a day. When it gets really bad and I start to feel ashamed of myself I just turn into this grump and that's not like me. I am a very happy person. I have some great friends in my life, I don't have any financial problems and I have my dream job. You know how they say everone has their flaws, well mine happens to be the most visual one of all.

Well anyways, that's all the stuff that's been on my mind lately. I'm glad I could vent and kind of let it all out. I try to talk about it to my friends, but I don't think they completly understand how it affects me. How it literally picks apart the person you are. It doesn't make you any less of a person, but it makes you act like you are. I'm going to try the regimen on this website. So hopefully all will be better. I'm still going to make the best of my life. I'm going tonight to see the person I'm "seeing". Apparently they like me for the person I am, which is what it should be about, right?

Well, until next time, I wish everyone well and have a great new year!


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Hi, "randomkid" and welcome to this board! I´m sure you find something that you can try to treat your acne. You are a bit young though, lots of hormones in your body which affects your skin. What have you tried up until now?

I think it´s good that you can talk to your friends about this problem, the more you tell people the less you feel ashamed about it. I was so ashamed about my skin for several years, but not any more. It´s like I thougt so much about it, from different kinds of perspective and now I haven´t got any energy left to feel ashamed... I´m trough that feeling (I hope). I can feel really sad and really frustrated over my skin, but should I feel ashamed???

Happy new year and take care,


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hey buddy, its good to see new faces on this board. your not alone at all. I have the same type of thing with my acne, and ive realized, you just can't let it bother you. plain and simple. In my own opinion (since I haven't read any scientific research upon the subject) if it messes with your mind, it messes with your face even more.

I like how your put your flaw into perspective:

You know how they say everone has their flaws, well mine happens to be the most visual one of all.

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