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Soy Milk and Peanut Butter

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I'm not sure if this belongs in this forum or the Accutane forum but it probably can go in both...

I am just past 3 weeks into my Accutane course. Sometimes when I don't have enough time to have a FULL meal with enough fat in it to take my Accutane pills, I eat some whole wheat bread and peanut butter and take my pills with Soy Milk (because I hear regular milk can aggravate acne in some people).

So I have a few questions...

1) Is this ok for the absorbtion of the Accutane?

2) Is Soy Milk and Peanut Butter good or bad for acne!? I've done numerous seaches and get too many different answers! :confused:

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! :)

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peanut butter will be extremely bad if it is a food which you are sensitive too, unless you have a test the only way to really find out is if you eliminate it from your diet. Soy milk can contain wheat products and be high in sugars depending on what brand you buy, but once again you need to determine which foods you are sensitive too. Personally id say to stay away from soy milk and just buy rice milk or a rice protein or egg protein powder for your calcium needs. Soy milk just really screwed around with my body, it made me tired, sick and my skin was quite pale whilst i was drinking it.

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You are on accutane, nothing is going to overpower the strength to interfere with that drug!

I used to take my pill with peanut butter for the fat absorbtion. PB is probably not the best thing for your skin because a lot of people have sensitivites to it. Now that I'm off of accutane, I switched to almond butter which I love love love! Also I drink almond milk instead of soy.

Do what works for you, but don't worry whilst on accutane.

Best of luck!

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Thanks for your help. I guess that is true. I do find I am eating more of what I want to eat knowing that I am on Accutane. I don't mean that I am eating very unhealthy but I don't mind having french fries once in a while and some chocolate or whatever. Before I would be too afraid to touch it.

I guess life's way too short to be worrying about every little thing that you eat.

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