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please help me.... i have no clue what to do

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hey... im 15 years old and i have cystic acne and regular acne as well. i have bad rolling scars on my chin and especially on my forehead. i have no clue how to get rid of the scars becuase we cant afford any of those special treatments that you guys talk about. im on ortho tri cyclen to help with my acne and it does... but the scars on my face scar me emotionally... please help if you can.


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jah i'm 16 and in a smiliar problem (but my acne's mostly clear). got the buggers in almost the same location too. i made a paypal acct and bought buncha topicals stuff off uhh.. some websites (the one's mentioned on this board) and ebay, but for more invasive treatments... ehhhhhh idk sad.gif. im thinking of getting needling done by that guy Frank when he comes to San jose in 2k4 but uhh hehe hardest thing is trying to talk to my parents about it, they'll never understand i think sad.gif

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I'd probably wait to treat the scars until after you've got your acne well under control. Reason being, some of these treatments can worsen acne. If you must go ahead, then I'd do treatments that are less likely to worsen the acne. For example, taping would probably be ok whereas a topical such as CP Serum could break you out further.

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i once heard that if u rub aloe vera leaf on young scars (like under 5years) they'll improve dramatically, dunno if this is true, i've personally never tried it but your 15 your scars can't be old yet so i'd give it a shot

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