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real maverick

Real Mavericks accutane log (FINISHED - WITH PIC)

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About me

I'm a 27 year old guy with very mild but persistent acne, I've suffered since I was 12-13. I've tried everything from Retin-A, BP, Diets and Antibiotics. The regimen is the best solution I've found but wasn't enthralled by the idea of doing the regimen every day of my life and bleaching everything I own, plus the Regimen never kept me 100% clear and it didn't address my oiliness or blocked pores.

Acne bothers me a lot and I'd say it's had some effect on every single day of my life since I was 12, that's a long time and I'm more than ready to move on.

My Dr would never prescribe me Accutane as my acne wasn't bad enough so I've paid to go private, many thanks to Barb9000 for her recommendation of Dr Frederick Lim.

Typically today my skin is basically clear, few blocked pores but generally looking great. I also have a few spots on my back which Dr Lim said will cause scarring if it's not sorted and so he prescribed me 40mg of accutane for my first month.

Products I'll be using

  • Neutrogena Norwegan Forumula Instant Repair Lip Balm
  • Daniel Kern's Gentle Cleanser
  • Eucerin Dry Skin Relief Face Cream
  • Good body moisturiser (any recommendations?)
Day 1

My skin is pretty much clear today but as always it's going to be short lived. I have a few red marks from recent spots and a reasonable amount of blocked pores, only really visible on close inspection.

Any advice, feedback, product recommendations etc all welcome.

Here's to the future and permanently clear skin.

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Yay-a log! I'm glad you got it! :dance:

As for a body moisturizer, Lubriderm for extra dry skin (red/purple top) was my favorite. I recently switched to Vaseline Intensive Care since they didn't have the lubriderm anymore at Costco, but I haven't it used it much yet so I'm not sure how it compares top Lubriderm.

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Whoooooooooooooo hoooooooooooooooo! How excited are you right now? Haha. The first week feels strange, like a dream, and then you get all bored of it and forget to take your pills, etc.

Hey - how much did it cost you to fill the prescription? I am thinking he might up me to 40mg/day at my next appt as I am still breaking out. That's most likely what he will do with you too, up you 5mg at a time if you continue to get spots.

Question - why are you using Dan's cleanser? I found it irritated me. I would suggest just warm water or Top to Toe.

Is the Eucerin you are using the 5% Urea one? That stuff is AMAZING. I love it. Best moisturiser I've ever used.

I like E45 cream for the body. The stuff in the tub. It's nice and thick and unscented.

My advice on your lips is to apply the balm often, and do not lick your lips ever, this dries them out. Just apply balm, even if they do not feel chapped.

I'm so happy for you! :dance:

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Day 2

Today is exactly the same obviously. No change in my skin, lips or spots. I expect it's going to be a week or so before I experience any dryness?

Daily accutane chatty part

I'm hoping he will up my dose to like 50 or 60mg next month and I want the course to last at least 5 months, I don't want to stop just because I'm clear. I guess I want for any chance of my acne returning to be minimised.

My prescription for 1 months supply of 40mg was £78. Quite steep but then again I didn't need a blood test so I saved on that :dance:

I have my fingers crossed I don't get the IB. Dan said his skin just got better and better from day 1, so it's obviously possible and as my skin is clear right know anyway, who knows?

I purchased a Neutrogena chap stick for carrying around with me, the tub is too big, I also bought some Optrex lubricating eye drops. I'm going to buy a Brita water fountain today, it's a chilled, filtered water dispenser. Ideal as I have to drink so much water, I know I won't drink any if I have to keep going in the fridge.

I am using the Eucerin 5% Urea on my face at night it's good stuff, in the daytime I've been using Boots no7 advanced hydration. I need to use a facewash as I usually add some tinted moisturiser on top and want to make sure it's totally washed off. I couldn't leave the house without my skin looking perfect. haha

I feel totally prepared for the dryness, bring it on ;)

I have a question regarding 'fat' I stand no chance of taking accutane with a fatty meal EVERYTIME, so could I just take it with my meal and then eat a bit of cheese or something? :D

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The dryness is cool - just carry moisturiser with you once it starts to get bad. For the first one or two weeks, my skin was a bit up and down, oily one day, dryish the next. But after that, bam!, DRY. I had to reapply moisturiser about 3 times during the day while at work. But then, my dosage was upped and I started the Eucerin, and since then, it's not noticeably dry.

But I will say this, the other day as I was washing my face with water in the evening, it felt so smooth and moist that I thought, hmm - I won't apply moisturiser right away, just to see what happens. Within 10 minutes I was so dry you would not believe it. So dry that I couldn't bear the thought I putting moisturiser on - I was really flaky and rough. I had to rewash with water to make it moist again, then moisturised. So I think it really is the Eucerin that is keeping me supple. Without it my skin is rough, dry, flaky, scaly. Yuck.

I think I didn't get too much of a horrible IB (yet) because I hadn't been using anything to control my acne since December. So my skin was in it's normal breaking out state. I have just continued to break out while on Tane, but not to the degree I was before the Tane. So, so far so good.

But then about Dan's cleanser - I thought you mentioned that it irritated you in the past?

Try taking a spoonful of flax seed oil or something if your meal isn't fatty enough, that's what I do...

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No Dans gel irritated me, the cleanser is great. I've also been alternating with Pears soap, I love it.

I'm using a Sanex shower gel to keep my skin soft, no need for lotions yet.

I wish I was on day 40 ish like you. I shoulda took the plunge earlier but then again at least I've started now.

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Time really does fly! One day you'll be like "I've been on accutane for FIVE MONTHS??!!" You'll hardly believe it!

I had no IB either time I was accutane either.

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Day 3

Nothing new to report. Skin still clear. Though looking even better than before I started. I'm just waiting for the bomb to drop.

Just a flake on my face will do, as a sign the accutane is in my system haha.


Anybody know if it's ok to take accutane with my cereal? would the milk count as fat? hmmm

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I assume if its whole milk it might be ok but you want to stry to consume as much fat as you can in order to have the best assumption of the tane. I would recommend eating a spoonful or two or peanut butter along with your normal breakfast (cereal, etc.). Gaining weight asisde, its better to eat too much fat then not enough fat. Good luck on your course btw!

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Hey and cheers.

I'm actually hoping to lose weight rather than gain. Is there something healthy I can take the tablet with? I don't like the idea of eating a spoon of flaxseed oil for example. Would fish oil tablets be ok? Or maybe a chunk of cheese?

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I have heard some people say fish oil is good to take, and then I have heard others say it is bad to take... do your research on that one first...

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I have never heard that fish oil is bad to take with Accutane. I do know that is is suggested due to it relieving joint pains that come along in some people taking tane. I'm not sure how much actual fat is in fish oil tablets or in a chunk of cheese, but I have heard that the ideal amount of fat in a meal when taking tane is at least 12grams for proper absorption. So maybe check whatever you are eating when taking your pill and see if it all equals to more than that and if not add a piece of cheese or something to equal the remaining fat.

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You can mix the Flax Seed oil with foods. Omega fatty acid pills couldn't hurt either.

I wish you the best of luck! I just want you to be patrolling the Rosacea forums after 5-6 months of treatment!

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Thanks guys.

I didn't take the flax this morning, I just couldn't face it. I might take a spoon full now and see how I go.

Day 4

Same today, no spots, no redness and no dryness.

I've had a headache for 2 days, don't know if that's because I'm tired or the accutane.

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Let me give you a little advice about taking a spoonful of flax seed oil:

Have a glass of water of some other drink ready

Take the spoonful, swallow the oil, and keep your mouth closed with your tongue right up against the roof of your mouth. Then immediately take a drink of water or whatever you've got there.

Flax oil can have a very strong aftertaste that I find is worse when you open your mouth and let air circulate around it after taking the oil. Keeping in tightly shut until just before you take a drink minimises the taste - but in the end, it's really not that bad.

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Hey Barb, I took a mouthfull of water then poured the spoonful of oil in my mouth with the water and swallowed then followed by a glass of water. I didn't even taste it. wooo.

My flaxseed oil doesn't smell of anything really. It's organic.

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Day 5

I can't believe it's day 5 already. I've just popped my 9th accutane pill with a tablespoon of Flaxseed oil, a pint of water and a bowl of cereal. Though I eat half my cereal and couldn't stomach the rest, is that normal? It's not for me haha.

Still pretty much the same, no dryness or chapped lips yet. I do seem to have a slight glow about my skin today which I guess maybe a slight redness occurring.

I don't want to be red for the next few months so I hope it stays as a mild glow :D

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Gosh yes, almost a week down - you will not believe how fast the time passes.

I think the higher your dose is, the more likely you are to be red, so being on 40mg, I would not worry about it...

I like being on 35mg because I am not very red. I will not disagree if he suggests 40mg for me on Monday though as it will be cheaper!

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