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A little help from the acne.org experts

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Hello how is everyone on this site well i been reading just about every post on this site and i came across the DIP method and the one about using the baby brush to exfoliate in a warm shower well im on a military base in the middle of nowhere in Afghanastan as a gov contractor and the water we have to shower with is recycled and has cholrine in it to purify it. i use bottle water to wash my face and teeth its hard to do the dip method cause i would have to microwave all the bottle water and still not have enough to fill the sink that 100's of other female brush there teeth and face in plus i wash my hair so the water gets in my face another thing is that its alot of dust there and sandstorms. We take doxcilcycline for malaria so that helps my skin a little ive had acne since i was 13 and now im 28 and ive tried all the products you can think of i take vitamans like broccomax which is good for me and i drink so much water sometime i think im making progress then someone tell me why my skin looks the way it does so then im back to thinking im a monster again :cry: . I think i only have scars but ppl talk to me about my acne so i guess i have acne .Maybe if i knew what kind of skin i have maybe that would help me here is a bad pic of me so bare with it i know im a little scary looking so bare with me . Thanks



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i think you have mostly comedonal acne, clogged pores. the best thing for that type of acne, IMO is a strong retinoid, like differin or tazorac. i don't know if you would have access to something like that in Afghanistan though. good luck.

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thanks you very much um im going to get a better pic which really show my imperfections so you can see what im talking about. Comedone acne is little bumps all over your face right? I did try differen a long time ago when i was like 20 i used it with monodicycline and clindamicin it did help but i didnt have enough money to get anymore of the product but im going to soon get a better pic with more closer look at it cause it on the side of my face where it sucks the most. Thank you so cold even though im not beautiful..... Thank you And thank you Jordan13 that really helped also.

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