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about how much money have you spent on foundation and concealer?

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just a guesstimate,how much money do you think you've spent trying to find your "miracle" makeup?

and if you've already found your miracle,what is it?

for me,im thinking ive spend around $200 :whistle:

how about you guys?

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This year probably around 73 dollars. All 73 dollars on foundation.

Last year around 30-40 dollars.

I'm drug store make-up kind of girl.

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On makeup, probably about £200, mainly because I get bored, and I'm so gullible for advertising.

Skincare I've probably spent about £500, mainly from shipping charges for 'miracle products' from America. And Proactiv not letting me get off they're bloody loyalty thing.

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Guest Kimmay

i think all of you know about my recent shopping spree. I spent like 40 whatever on nars powder and like 30 or something on Laura mercier secret camoflauge

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Last weekend I spent $53 on Chanel Double Perfection compact which is the most i've ever spent on a foundation...but so far I'm lovin it. Natural look n feel, not cakey or fake looking like other foundations I've used. Easy to put on (just dampen sponge and apply!) which is one of the major perks for me since I'm too lazy and dont have a lot of time in the mornings to put on my face. And best of all, last all day with great oil control (i'm usually really oily by mid-day) and pretty good coverage for my red acne spots. I think it helps that i dont have any active acne on my face right now, just along my jawline. So all in all, it's worth the big bucks.

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I reckon I've spent abot 800e on foundation and concealer in the past 6 years. I wear Rimmel Anti-Fatigue during the day with a little Laura Mercier for the areas needing more coverage and LM for going out - love them both!

Would also be lost w/o my YSL Touche Eclat - miracle worker!!!

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in the last year, probably about $500-$600. my largest shopping spree was a couple hundred dollars in one stop. it's not hard when you're at department store counters..... wow, i am a huge make-up junkie.... but then i keep things forever and am never very committed to anything...

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Over the hundreds, thats for sure. Ive tried many different things. I dont think thats what really affected my face. Because everyone has gad acne in my family. But I did have the worst of it. Which sucks, but I dont think it was the make-up. Of course I could be mistaken.. but I cant let it go anyways.

Prolly atleast 2-4 hundred over the past 5 years?

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way, way too much my friends. way, way too much.

On lipsticks, mascara, blushes, foundations, and then I am too lazy to appy them consistently and they mold in my drawer! Except for my maybelline full n soft and my EM.

I think I am going to try to lose some weight. I will SAVE money by not buying food and probably will look much better.

However, that would mean giving up sweets... Never,ever going to happen.

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Uhh, way too much?

I'm not a makeup kinda girl, but I'm hard to satisfy, so I can't seem to stick to any brand. And even though I don't enjoy makeup much, I find it fun buying them. ^^;; Just too cute and pretty in their packaging.

I'm trying to tone down now.


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Clinique x 2

Laura Mercier x 1

Estee Lauder x 4

Rimmel x 10 or more

Mineral make up x 2

Colorstay x 2

Loreal x 2

Neutrogena x 2

Christian Dior x 2

Nars x 1

Ultim II x 1

Concealers -

Boots x 3

YSL x 2

Laura Mercier x 1

Rimmel x 4

There are probably more I have forgotten...didn't realise I had tried 4 Estee Lauder ones.That would be like £120 just on those. Madness.

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how much the boyfriend spent oorrr how much i spent? haa.

like all the others,, into the thousand easily. And just in the past year about $800.00. awful, i know.

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LOL in total like $22 ish.

All three sucked too (shade was too light or there was a bad finish to the product).

2 CG Fresh Complexion

1 Maybelline EverFresh

I've never bought foundation before, but it would be nice if I had one for hardcore back-up.

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