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so my infallible and i have been inseperable.. until today.. we literally separated. it was quite warm today so i did some flea market hunting.. found an awesome antique coffee table, but anyway, i was sweating and my make up ran.. big time.. i really dont want to have to stop using it, but it seriously melted like an ice cube in hell.. any suggestions as to what i could do? i already moisturize and use a primer and i set with finishing powder.. so i suppose there probably isn't anything to do but switch make up :(

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well.. i did 2 days of the colorstay and i'll sadly say, me no likey. it was too pink, the powder over it seemed to tame it indoors but in natural light, blech. back to infallible with some touch ups through out the day i suppose..

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Don't knock a makeup because you don't like the shade. It may just be the wrong shade. Buff isn't a darker shade....it's just more yellow than pink....I think Buff is actually a much more wearable shade, especially if you have redness from acne (the yellow downplays the red)......

Take it back and say it's the wrong shade and see if they let you exchage it for Buff...

Colorstay seems to be the hg of makeup for a lot of people here...I'm not a huge fane because I don't need the coverage or oil absorbtion after Accutane....but man....when I had bad acne that stuff was great.....although I didn't wear it often....because I didn't wear makeup often...

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hmm.. i'll have to give that a try. for some reason i didn't like the way it felt on my face though either.. could have been the fact that i wore it the 2 hottest days of the year so far, but i don't know. i'll try out the buff for sure though, thanks!

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