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The new Acne.org design

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OMG that totally worked, nvm everything I said the site is freaking AMAZING. Good lord you guys rock. Thank God I was seriously like "this is what they've been working so hard on? uuuuuhhhh"

Paul if you had sent that message 5 minutes later you would have seen a really funny video of me showing you what I see, since my screenshots weren't working but my webcam was lol

Sorry about all the confusion guys! FREAKING GREAT JOB!

edit by real_maverick: Gyro had a few probs viewing the site at first, but they're all fixed now. Thanks Gyro for your cooperation.

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The new design flaws:

-No member name click function on the top left of the page

-Profile page text is messed up

-Other text on the site is not aligned properly

New flaws will be posted.

I give the new design a Microsoft Vista upgrade grade: D- (for all looks and no functionality)

Case closed.


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It's nice.

Just one thing... on the main page, is it actually meant to say "read by blog" ? If someone could change it to "read my blog" I think that would make more sense. :)

I havent surfed around... so I cant say anything else, but the front page seems nice. :)

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I like the new design of the main site, big improvement I think.

However, the forum feels squashed at this width for me as I'm used to viewing forums at 100% width on a 1280x1024 display. It's basically making me view at 800x600 and feels cramped.

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Guest Calibos

im really impressed how this site has matured over the years, great job guys.

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