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I got the Dan's BP gel few days ago, but I still don't know whether I should start this.

Most people say that if I start using BP, I have to use it forever,,

If I stop, I would get much worse acne breakouts. But, BP isn't very gentle on skin.

Tough decision...

I am 15 now and I think my acne is hormonal acne. I know a couple of guys who

had a mild acne when they were attending high school but got rid of it now without

using bp or anything.. Sebum from teenagers' face are like a combination of normal sebum

and "acne-resulting ingredient" and will stop secreting this "ingredient" when I become an

adult.. I might be wrong.. Please correct me if I am.

Anyways, I am really scared..

I actually thought of a regimen for future incase I use BP.. Please let me know what you think

"Current" to "until my skin is clear"


wash w/ spectro gel - like cetaphil wash

nivea gentle toner

dan's bp

aveeno ultra calming moisturizer w/ spf15


same but I might try a different moisturizer

When I have a clear skin


Wash w/ spectro gel

nivea gentle toner

Neutrogena healthy skin w/ aha


Wash w/ spectro gel

nivea gentle toner

dan's bp(gradually decrease amount)

Gentle moisturizer - havent decided yet

Thank you

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I've never heard any reports of skin becoming dependant on BP, nor can I find any evidence of that. I do know that if BP works for you - it will always work for you - not like some products that are effective for a month then cease to help.

The "ingredient" that causes acne is not really in the sebum, it's a bacteria called P. Acne, and it is attracted to the sebum. Another common reason for acne is improper skin cell shedding. Instead of falling off when it has died, the skin cells in many acne prone individuals remains on the skin, blocking the pore. This traps the sebum, and the bacteria that's been attracted to it. The result is a pimple. I'm 29 - still have acne, so age doesn't always play a factor.

BP kills P. Acne, helps skin cell turnover, and reduces inflammation. I really don't think there is any reason to fear using it. Start slowly as the regimen proscribes. If undo irritation develops, limit use until your skin adjusts.

All the products in your regime sound great to me. Let us know how it goes, and don't hesitate to ask any questions! :D

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The reason teenagers are more likely to have acne than adults is because hormone levels increase during puberty and can cause a higher rate of oil production, which leads to acne. The oil isn't any different, there's just more of it. Once your hormones settle down in adulthood, then your oil production rate slows down and acne goes away for most people. You wouldn't need to continue using BP once you grow out of acne, but some people do continue to have acne into adulthood or don't even start having acne problems until adulthood for other reasons. I'm 21 and still waiting to grow out of acne, though my mom is 46 years old and still has mild acne so I'm not expecting it all to go away on its own. Until my acne becomes much milder, I'll keep doing Dan's regimen. I know that if I try to use much less BP at this point, my acne will not be controlled, and it's not because my skin is dependent on BP or anything like that, but because I just haven't grown out of acne yet.

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Thanks guys..

You helped me a lot..

I just used dan's bp and it was amazing

I used proactiv bp few times and it irritated, but

I don't get that much irritation from dan's..

Anyways, can you recommend me a gentle moisturizer for nighttime?

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