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I'm going to visit a naturopath..

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Finally, I made an appointment to see an apparently good naturopath, next thursday. I was at a skin clinic today so the esthetician could check out my face and see what treatments she recommends. She said to me: Personally, to be honest with you, I would really go and see a naturopath. I could do endless treatments on your face, although if you don't fight it from inside out, you're going to be wasting your money, the acne will keep on coming back.

She recommended a special naturopath to me. I rang up and asked about whether they treat acne or not and she obviously said yes. I was told this lady makes up her own herbal 'potions' and is really really good. Well anyways, im sooooooo excited. She's only charging $65 for initial consultation, which is OK.

Anyone here seen a naturopath before? How did you go, did it help your acne?

I can't wait!

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I havent seen one but im thinking about it just too 'see' what there opinions are. Please give us the details dude! cos im interested. I think jen121 did recently.

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well i can't wait to see this naturopath, i really hope this could be the end of my acne. i think jen121 did see a naturopath, but im not sure whether she got any supplements 2 take or anything such?

this lady will prepare a herbal tonic or whatnot for me to clear my acne, she'll also do some tests i believe. meh, i cant wait till thursday.

i will definitely give u guys a rundown on what happens. :)

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Yes I think jen said she did get some supplements and I think she was positive about them and her visit. Cool ill be waiting for the rundown dude.

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Yep I did last monday. He told me I was weak in my liver function, had a LOT of yeast, and that my large intestines looked weak as well.

He prescribed herbs that kill yeast, help digestion, balance hormones, along with vitamins A,D,E,and Bcomplex. They are all in liquid form, so its taking a bit to get used to but not too bad. I posted a thread with my results not too long ago, but everyone seem to attack me that I just let it die down...

Wish you luck!

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Thanks jen!

well i was kinda surprised by the fact that an esthetician believes acne can only be corrected internally to see good results. i thought she would straight away recommend a aesthetic treatment/facial with the max7 phototherapy and extractions etc.

but yeah, im kinda excited about this visit, i hope i get something out of it. apparently this lady heals heaps of other stuff successfully aside from acne.

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Just make sure that your naturopath uses a BodyScan machine. Call them up and ask them. Its such an accurate machine that its incredible.

My naturopathic doctor hasnt prescribed any herbs. Its been simply running tests to see how I absorb vitamins/minerals. Then giving me top-notch vitamin and mineral supplements, and then testing me for food sensitivities to get me to absorb those vitamins/minerals. Very down to earth. Very basic, just like a doctor.

The bodyscan machine is VERY important. You wont need to have bloodtests done to get allergy results. Make sure they have the machine!! :)

btw, when you asked about seeing an esthetician for your acne, I was going to suggest that you didnt. I have seen 5 of them during the last 12 years, and they just keep suggesting more products to buy and more external treatments. I'm glad yours was honest. :)

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Daanzell, thats awesome! I am happy for you. I really hope that you share everything with us about your visit Thursday and all visits after that. Take notes! Ask lots of questions! LOL If they say your liver has problems ask them how they can tell and etc. We want details! ;) Your esthetician is awesome if she actually recommended a naturopath. Hang on to her!

Jen, I must have missed your post. I am sorry you were met with negativity. I am jealous of both you and Daanzell. I would love to see a naturopath. I believe there are some really good ones out there. My friend had uncontrollable seizures that no amount of medication could control but she went to a naturopath and the herbs and vitamins he gave her was able to control the seizures. Just like regular doctors, theres some good ones and some that couldnt treat a sick houseplant. I hope you also keep us posted on your results.


By the way, can someone link me to that thread that Jen posted?

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thanks Lorrie!

yes i will be very inquisitive on my visit, dont worry about that. if she says that theres something particularly wrong with a certain system of the body i will ask why and how etc. ill ask heaps of questions. ill give u guys a BIG rundown after thursday's appointment.

yeh my esthetician is pretty cool, she actually recommended this naturopath to me. well we shall see how it all goes. :)

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Well, i had a consultation with the naturopath yesterday.

Alot of the time we were deeply discussing my diet etc and how we can replace things and stuff to make my diet much more healthy and one that will clear my acne. For the next 2 weeks im on a more strict diet, no dairy, no processed, no sweets, nothing refined.. u get my drift lol.

She also put me on some supplements and she made up a herbal mixture for me. The herbal mixture consists of Chaste tree, Licorice, Blue Flag, Burdock Root and Dandelion (from what I can remember). My supplement regime consists of:

AM/ 1xZinc 22mg

1x Evening primrose oil

5ml herbal mixture

Afternoon\ 5ml herbal mixture

PM\ 1x Vitamin A 5000iu (with dinner)

1x Evening primrose oil

Bedtime\ 5ml herbal mixture

1x Magnesium supplement (for headaches, migraine and twitching)

I feel quite confident with this regime and the healthy diet im implementing. My diet will now consist of more fruit+veg, wholegrains, nuts+seeds etc etc.

Theres nothing that spesh about it except the herbal mixture which might do some good stuff.

Well, only time will tell. :)

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thats sooo kewl!!

im gunna ring n book an appointment with a naturopath aswel..for my skin n some other problems. I really hope u see some improvments Daanzell!

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