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The 4 Major Acne Triggers

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I have struggled with bad acne since I was 12 (I am 19 now) and I'm so happy that I've found something that's working, even though it can be extremely difficult to follow.

I think most of us in this subforum would admit there is a link between diet and acne. Here is what works for me.

There are 4 things:

1. Coffee

2. Sugar (and maybe including maple syrup, honey, and extremely high-GI fruits like banana)

3. Dairy

4. Wheat

All of which have been difficult to admit, since they were the majority of my diet before (not an unhealthy one, but had biscotti and a latte every afternoon - a lethal acne invitation, since it combines all 4)

Instead of coffee, I drink green tea.

Instead of sugar, I use Stevia (not aspartame or splenda though, since they're poison.)

Instead of dairy, I go for unsweetened soymilk or almond milk.

Instead of wheat (the most difficult one) I choose eat brown rice, oatmeal, kasha, etc.

I've seen good results during the 3 weeks I've managed to keep this up, but am not considering birthcontrol/Spirolactone to help regulate my hormones more.

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i cut out all refined sugar as much as i could and simple carb sources (like egg noodles, white bread, refined grains, etc.) but if you omit honey as well what will you sweeten food with ?

i'm very hesitant to go near any "alternative" sweeteners

by wheat i assume you are trying to target the gluten sensitivity which supposedly most people have without knowing it ? do oats/brown rice/kasha/etc. contain significant gluten compared to wheat sources ? i'm asking this because i have been starting to eat oatmeal the past few months and i love it for breakfast

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stevia is a reoccuring brand I see along these boards, I may have to make the switch.

I dunno tho, coffee is my only saving grace in the morning, I am the WORST morning person on this side of the mississippi


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