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I've been wanting to do this for a bit. Since I've been having awesome success.

So, here goes.

I've had acne since the start of puberty. I'm now 17. Currently, or a few weeks ago rather, my acne would've been classifed as moderate. Numerous whiteheads, redmarks, pustules and numerous papules. My acne's also hormonal so it's typically around my mouth and persisant as hell.

I've tried Dan's regimen numerous times but my skin can't tolerate a ton of bp all at once. I've also been on numerous rx topicals and two or three antibiotics. No tane though.

I've been desperate for years for a solution and I've been at my wit's end. But I guess what I've learned is: patience. It's everything.

You have to find a regimen that works for you and when it does, you just have to wait. Two, three, four months isn't long to wait if you really want to achieve clear skin.

What's helped me a lot is:

Do not pick. No matter what. Don't do it to make yourself feel better, etc etc. When you pick you prevent the spot from healing. I've had my fair share of picking rampages. It just ends up hurting my skin and my skin looks even worse afterwards. Sit on your hands if you have to. I've found that if you keep from picking, you let your skin heal, and heal faster, and therefore you could become clearer, sooner. I treat myself to something when I don't pick. New jeans, ice cream, etc, whatever. Just be kind to your skin.

Be gentle. Everyone says this, but you really should be as gentle as possible with any regimen you're using. I've used harsh scrubs, I've applied too many topicals or too much and it's gotten me no where. It aggravates your acne and will make it worse. Be kind and your skin will be kind to you.

Desitin is amazing for redmarks. It has never broken me out. It does dry out the skin a bit. But the things it has done has left my skin looking so good. Sometimes it's hard to see the progress you're making with your acne due to all the redmarks. Once those start clearing up it's easy to see where you stand and what you have to work on. And your face looks better overall. It's not an overnight cure. I've been using Desitin for weeks and weeks. It takes time but you'll see a difference.

I really don't suggest popping pimples. If think something might scar then feel free to relieve the pressure. I've found that even though they may look gross if I leave them be and plop a ton of bp on them each night they go and heal quick, without leaving a huge redmark.

Don't mess with papules. I don't touch them, at all. The more I touch them the redder, the bigger, the more painful they become. I've found leaving them be and then covering them with bp at night helps a bunch. Don't pick, push or mutilate them. They are ugly, they heal quick if you leave them be. I've had bad experiences with papules and I get fed up when one dies down and another appears. But it's no big deal if you don't mess with it. So I got one a few days ago and I've been experimenting. I didn't pick, touch.. anything. I doused it in bp at night. And now I have a small white with barely any inflammation. Try it. Papules are bitches, so don't mess.

If you're using acne products, you moisturize. Moisturizing will help your skin repair and it helps with the dryness. I've read through dozens of posts where people are using bp or something but don't moisturize. You want your face to be healthy, so moisturize. I recommend complex 15.

A lot of people become frustrated when products don't work quickly or when they don't see a dramatic change. I've had to watch my face carefully to see pimples going through their last stages or spots healing. But it's happening. Use the products consistantly and you will see change. Whether it's in one pimple or several. It takes a while for things to clear out and for you to see something's actually been happening.

I know people have had trouble with the CSR because it's overdrying, leaves the skin red or peeling, etc. What I've been doing is using Stridex Powerpads with 2.5%. In this form it allows me to use bp all over my face and cover every area I need to. It's also gentle, doesn't leave my skin red or dry. But I've found it's not really enough. So I also apply a bit of neutrogena-on-the-spot on my actual spots. This just reenforces and I think the cream is more effective. That was the problem I had with bp. I couldn't use.. like, 2 fingers. My skin just looked horrible. But this way you're gently preventing and you're using so little bp cream that it's still working but doesn't have a lot of the bad side effects.

Here's my regimen:

At Night:

I dip. I find it doesn't really help my pimples, it just helps with my comedonal acne. Which used to be really bad. Some people don't prefer washing this way but I do and I've found it works for me.

Then after I've patted my face dry I swipe my entire facing using a powerpad. Everywhere. Avoiding eyes, etc. Just don't rub hard.

Then after it's dried I moisturize with complex 15.

After that's dried I dot each spot with a little bp cream. Then I go back and dab it into each area where it needs help. After a minute or so I do that again, applying a bit more bp.

Then after that's dried, I dab a bit of desitin on each redmark. I massage it into each spot and then plop a bit more on, kind of like sealing it in.


In the morning I find most of the Desitin has absorbed into my skin but there might be a bit of residue left. Even though many don't suggest using bp + SA I do it anyways. I don't use them simultaneously and I moisturize so I find my skin doesn't become dry at all.

So I gently go over my entire face with the alcohol-free aloe stridex pad, exfoliating to get the residue off.

After it's dry I dip. Then I moisturize and hop into the shower.

I'm also taking primrose, zinc and fishoil which a lot of people have been raving about and I feel they help on the inside.

I've been using my regimen for several weeks and found it's helped a lot. In the past whenever I used bp alone it never worked fully. And when I used SA alone it didn't work either. I've found putting them together has helped a lot. SA also helps to clear out the pores really well. So the SA prevents and the bp treats. A nice combo I think. The SA is also like a cleanser for me. Even though I dip I need a little something extra.

I just wanted to get my advice out there incase anyone's in my situation or just desperate and need some help.

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Thank you for posting that and sharing those great tips with us! And congrats on your continual success, I hope it's bringing you happiness as well :).

You also hit it on the head with

You have to find a regimen that works for you and when it does, you just have to wait. Two, three, four months isn't long to wait if you really want to achieve clear skin.
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