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Estrosense or Vitex?

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I really hope I could get some advice...

I get really intense pain with my period, and hormonal breakouts. Instead of trying the birth control pill to balance my hormones, I decided to go the natural route. I went to my local health food store, and received conflicting responses from the employees. One recommended Vitex wholeheartedly, and the other Estrosense. Are there any recommendations or experiences with either of these? Or should I take both in combination? Any information would be appreciated, as I am new to herbal supplements.

Thank you so much :)

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For the past three months I've been taking both vitex and Estrosense, in addition to cod liver and evening primrose capsules, zinc, and several cups of green and white tea everyday. the state of my skin then was oily and inflamed with hormonal acne, sometimes 10 or more in total, all along my jawline and chin, and itchy rashes on my cheekbones. the breakouts always came at the same time in my cycle: ovulation and period weeks. right after one of these breakouts I began the following regimen:

Vitex (for the first 2 months i took 1200mg, 1400mg the second month due to brand switch)

Estrosense 2 pills recommended dosage

Cod Liver and Evening Primrose Oil from Puritan's Pride - 2-3 per day on my breakout weeks, 1 the rest

Zinc 100-150mg for 3-4 days when breakouts form to speed healing

Vitamin E once per day

4-6 Cups of Green or White tea

I also switched my facial cleanser to Cetaphil for oily skin, and a tea tree oil bar for the shower around the same time

After taking the pill from age 17-19, I am now 22 y/o and my skin is clearer than its been in years. Spent a long time trying numerous antibiotics, birth control pills, supplements, OTC meds, and etc, after "leaving it alone" as someone recommended only proved to worsen the breakouts. I also put on close to 20lbs due to what I know believe was a combination of hormone imbalance from bcp and stress from its symptoms.

Found Estrosense and Vitex on the same day, and ordered them on Amazon. Was very skeptical but willing to try due to many positive reviews I found on them. And like they said, it took a while to really see a substantial difference, but very much worth it to me. Some improvements were:

My skin became much less oily, and the rashes that broke out on my cheekbones during ovulation became smaller, healed more quickly. and this month they were hardly present at all. and the hormonal cysts showed up smaller, flatter and in fewer numbers. This month there were only two , one on each side, hardly showing and lasting only a few days. Also noticed a sort of redistribution of my bodily fat, if no weight loss yet. things seem to be filling out in a more favorable way now. my moods have also leveled out a lot, and pms symptoms vanished. my period surprised my all three times because i had no warning of its coming, although there are still cramps the first 2-3 days. it still lasts 6 days, but i hope that will shorten too.

I can't say exactly what worked for me, but I will be continuing this regimen. Also thinking about trying Glucosmart to address the added pounds. hope this helps.

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