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Stem cell cream

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A couple of years ago when I introduced the paper detailing the TCA Cross method to the board we tried using Bays Brown other product 'Revive' along with TCA Cross and it helped a little bit. I think Reilly got a lesser expensive cream with EGF in it and she had good success with TCA too.

Somebody should contact Bays Brown to see if they have had any results on scars. Ask the question point blank: Does this cream permanently rid one of indented acne scars? Yes or No?

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I just sent the manufacturer an e-mail asking what the effect of this product has been on acne scars. We'll see what they have to say. Maybe I'll just get some samples. :confused:

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We really need to have 'Consumer Reports' come in and buy all these creams for us and detail the results for us. Years ago when I researched ReVive I think that it turned out that these weren't even animal based Epidermal Growth Factors. This new cream has Fibroblast Growth Factors so that looks like something new and might make the difference. I'll wait to see what I hear from Bays Brown and report back.

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Man, I have been through so many 'promising' creams that did absolutely nothing. I really wish we'd all not get excited. Keep in mind, it's only a topical, and I have always stood by the belief they never work for pitting. This opinion is based on MANY personal letdowns, eg.g 302 Protein Drops (though far less expensive).

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