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ok im a 15 year old kid with medium length shaggy hair i guess. i have a few pimples on my forehead, but mainly there all spread out over my face, not all concentrated, im pretty sure its the mild kind, i get a couple hurtful ones here and there but not constant.

i have tried a bunch of over the counter stuff and pro active... proactive made it worse it seemed. i saw a thread about acne going away just by dunking your face in water like 2-3times a day, well i was like hey, might as well try. so i did, 2 weeks later, it helped a little bit but not noticable for anyone else.

Im about to try the apple cider vineager stuff before i try accutane. i havnt gone to a dermatoligist before but i want to, i dont know if my moms insurance will cover it or w.e, without the insurance the accutane and doctor visit will proabably be out the roof.

So my main questions are, how much did accutane cost for the people who have used it and is that seriously the last road out for some, because i think it is for me.

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Your hair might be a problem, and since the whole long hair shag thing is the style right now, it may be a big deal for you to cut it.

Honestly, there are a lot of tips that could help you. Wash your face 2 times a day, keep your hair clean, wash/change your sheets once a week or more, and don't touch your face.

Accutane is great, but it's really not for everyone. Try a 3-step method like the one on this site, and STICK TO IT. Sometimes it gets worse before it gets better. Just make it a routine, and don't skip a step.

A lot of methods fail because people do not stick to it, and after a month it's not working.. so they quit. You can't do that. You have to keep going.

Have faith. :)

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I like the advice that Tragic gave you. I dont know if you are downplaying the severity of your acne or not but from what you say, it doesnt sound severe. I dont know if a derm would prescribe Accutane for mild to moderate acne. Also you should research the side effects and health hazzards of using Accutance before making a decision to try it.

I will tell you that I tried all the components of Dan's regimen before and it didnt help. But when I tried them in the sequence and way that he recommends, I started seeing success. Thirty three days ago my right jawline was covered with acne with some bumps also scattered on my cheeks, chin and nose. Today I have 2 pimples and thats it. I have some clogged pores and small flesh colored bumps but every day I am seeing fewer and fewer of them. I contribute most of that to the DK regimen and smaller portions of that I contribute to taking vitamins and using BHA. I would recommend trying the regimen before jumping to such drastic measures. If you need help getting started, let us know and we will be happy to help you. Lorrie

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