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so i tried Proactiv for about 2 months and switched to DKR

i never knew the real purpose of the toner but i used it as kind of like a exfoliator that got rid of the flakes and stuff

im still suffering from flakes here and there and those layers of flakes under my eyes actually makes me look like i have wrinkles, but they're not....

so i was thinking about using a toner but i dont really know the purpose of toners

is it used to exfoliate, or just hydrate?

can toners be added to regiments?

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Guest Sincerely Me

Toners are pretty much used the remove extra dirt and oil left behind after cleansing. Toner will not get rid of flakes, in fact it can dry your skin more which is why a lot of people don't use toner as a part of their skincare regimen. You can add it to the regimen, but but adding it, you are not doing anything remarkable for your skin.

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i see... i got the idea that toner exfoliates from Proactiv

when i used it these dead skin cells collected on my cotton pad

i thought thats what kept the flakes away when i was on proactiv but i guess i wuz wrong :D

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toners can help, like by removing impurities that cleansing doesnt, tightens pores ect, preparing skin for treatment.

however, most commercial toners (nivea, simple ect) have ingrediants like alcohol (overdrys skin), SA (not good with BP), ect

i personally use 100% witch hazel as my toner after washing, its 100% with nothing added :)

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