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Need help with TCA question

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Hi, I have acne and brown,redmarks around chin,mouth and I am still having bbreakouts

I just hope that TCA or some peel might help me

I tried Glycolic and beta peel 40:10 percents and I don't see any improvements

I am going to getting married in June so I have 8 weeks left then I e-mail to www.mytcapeel.com and they suggested me to use EZpeel It costs like 90 bucks so I donot know that I will buy or not

Please,Anyone can suggest me that should i spend almost 200 bucks and buy skincare from www.skinbio.com by Dr.Pikart or buy 50 percent TCA for my face/ or get EZ peel from www.mytcapeel.com or Buy some peel from www.perfectcomplexion.net

I do need help please

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i can't really help you, but if you email Julie Robins, the owner of perfectcomplexion, she should be able to guide you in the right direction.

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I recently had a TCA 23% and I was very happy with it.

Removed 95% of my brown/red marks as well as the few active acne i had.

However the down time was about 12 days.

The peel used was the Unideep by Skin Tech


I got it done privately by my dermo for 400 GBP.

Personally I would NOT do this at home, the whole experience was very traumatic for me.

When the peel started to come off, I was left with some patches of red and pink raw skin which I feared might be permanent. Also the skin will be dry and flaky for another week.

But my dermo assumed me that this is like sunburn and may take another few weeks to fade.

It is fading with some Fucibit cream.

For your wedding I recommend going to a professional.

And allow yourself at least 3/4 weeks for complete healing.

But after 12 days you will be able to go out.

Also depends on your skin, I have light oriental skin so I was ok for 23%.

If you have dark skin then you have increased risk of hyper pigmentation.

But whatever your skin type go and see a professional.

Dont risk doing it yourself, especially at 50%, that is dangerous!

Hope that helps.

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i'm with sunflower on this and seeing a professional. a wedding is the most important day of a girls life! looots of attention! with such little time between now and the wedding,after shipping, procedure, downtime and waiting for results you won't have much time left to fix anything that might go wrong. However if you intent on doing something at home such as tca i would advise low percentages to minimise risk it's better than having new problems to deal with on the big day. but if yocan afford it - go pro!!

you could get some damn good make up like the stuff they use for scars or in the movies to cover everything up, yeah they will still be there but you will be looking pretty good!


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