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Face good - back not so much

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So, I've been on accutane for a couple months now. I'm 6'1" and weigh a lean 200 pounds. I was on 40 mg my first month and am just finishing up my second month at 60 mg.

I still get pimples on my face sometimes, but they are usually just whiteheads and pretty unnoticeable. My face has always been pretty mild though, I only get a cyst every once in a while. However, my back hasn't improved that much with accutane. I still get cysts and other more severe acne fairly often, also accompanied by some whiteheads. I went on accutane more for my back than my face so its pretty annoying that I'm experiencing alot of improvement on my face but not my back.

I'm hoping my doctor will boost my dosage up to 80 mg next month as I'm a pretty big guy and I think I probably need that much. I was just wondering what other people's experiences were with accutane and moderate bacne. I work my ass off in the gym and its a shame that I can't even take off my shirt to show off once in a while (come on, just once in a while, I'm not cocky :) but everyone likes to strut their stuff a little at the beach).

I want this fucking bacne gone, and its depressing when I still have red marks all over my back, with new cysts and whiteheads popping up all the time. I hope that its only another month or so before I start not having any active pimples....

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Sorry to hear it man. I'm in the same boat, taking Accutane for my back more so than my face and so far no improvement on my back at all. Just going on second month of 20mg so it's not a high dose to hopefully kick a*se.

I would give it more time, maybe sweating at the gym and beach aren't helping either, but you can't doing the things you enjoy, and keep you sane!

Good luck and keep us posted how you go.

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man i promise you, your back will be dam near clear with very light shades of red marks by the end of month 4.. i had some back acne, but the cysts were jus god awful back there.. havin like 4-5 every couple weeks, they hurt so bad .. i havent had a back breakout in over 2 months.. im about 4mths 1 week into my 5 month right now.. i walk around my new apartment now in front of my girlfriend with my shirt off almost all the time.. it has totally given me back my confidence.. adn i know what u mean, i work out at the gym myself, and i absolutely hated not being able to show off my hard work (no im not conceded, i jus think its nice to show off what you work so hard for sometiems)..

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thats why im on the damn thing too!. I didn't want to take accutane in the first place. My face is pretty much clear, except for these damn pigmentations after these cysts went all away. I still breakout, but not as bad as i used to, but on the "backside", there's nuttin much i can do. I was on mino for a good six months, it helped with both my face and body acne, but the longer i was in it, the more persistent my acne became. so i stopped that s*** and jumped on accutane. I just started this week. Lets just hope for the best igh!!!

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