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Got new make-up in the mail!!

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Soo I received the following from Benefit today:

High Brow

Eye Bright

BADgal Lash.

So anyone know how to apply the first two? For High Brow it says to draw it under my arched part of my eyebrow, then blend.

For Eye Bright, it says to put it on the inner and outer corners of my eyes and blend.

So if you own these, or know how to put them on, help!

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I use the Benefit HighBrow and I love it, I just GENTLY swipe in right under my arch and then use a q-tip to blend it out and down, and OF COURSE check in natural light. If you dont blend it, it will look pretty bad!

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For High Brow, just draw a line under your eyebrow, mainly focusing on the outer halves of your brows. Then just smudge the line with your finger so that there is no definite line. Then you're pretty much done! Basically it's just a highlighter for your brows, it opens up the eye because there is a light-catching finish to the pencil. It will make your eyes look bigger. I always put mine on first, before any other eye makeup. You just want a light pink "glow" underneath your brows.

For the Eye Bright, I just draw a few lines underneath my eyes and then blend. Concentrate it more towards the tear duct. You can use your finger to blend it, but I prefer a firm emollient brush so you're not tugging on the skin underneath your eyes too much. You should blend it until it almost disappears completely. The pink color of the Eye Bright really hide any dark circles underneath your eyes. Also, if you use any eye cream, I always put my Eye Bright on after my eye cream is almost absorbed, and the Eye Bright blends much easier.

Hope that helps!

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Thanks a bunch. I got the Eye Bright pretty much covered but the eyebrow highlighter is so difficult. i think I am pressing TOO hard and putting TOO much on. I'll post pics tomorrow.

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