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How does aloe vera work?

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Hey guys. I have small red spots from past pimples. The red spots are smooth and soft, but it's just red. I've read around that people recommend aloe vera (FOTE).

How does aloe vera help with reducing the appearance with red marks exactly?



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hey.. im not exactly sure how alo vera heals scars. but i can varify for you that it works. :D from what i see.. its one of th top methods used. just dont put it on almost healed cysts (mabye regular pimples too.. not sure).. because it will bring them back to life (atleast in my case.. lol)

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I use aloe vera gel, and I love it. I hardly ever get pimples on my chin, but when I do, I use FOTE on them compared to my forehead where I use BP. What's weird is after only a day, the aloe vera will bring the pimple to a head, and the next day it will be so much less visible. Comparing it to BP, BP takes longer for me to bring the pimples to a head and also the recovery of a red spot is just as annoying. As for getting rid of existing red marks, I haven't had that happen, but it has prevented new pimples from leaving their red grave.

All I know is what it says on the FOTE package: It heals ruptured/inflamed skin. Safe enough to put over a sunburn, or to use on sensetive skin.

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I have sensitive skin, and BP is possibly one of the worst things I've ever used for it. It helped a bit, but it made my skin red, even in small amounts.

Then I changed to TTO, still had a slight effect, but nothing compared to the BP and the Aloe Vera helps tremendously. Calms my skin, and unlike when I'd use a moisturizer with my previous treatments, TTO+ Aloe Vera (Lilly of the desert) doesn't harm my skin to the point I have to moisturize every time i get a spot of my f ace wet.

Reduced red spots left after pimples and from scaring. Most amazing moisturizer I've ever used. I am going to try some Jojoba oil, like a drop or two with it I am thinking.

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