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AcneFree Acne & Blackhead Terminator Medicated Spot Treatment

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Anyone tried this too? I saw this in a drugstore. I was curious and picked one up. It's 1.5% Salisylic acid and 1% benzoyl peroxide. I use it for spot treatment overnight and it reduces the size of a developing pimple. Usually totally gone in a week.


On occasion I would apply it all over my face because the formulation isn't that much strong really. I was hoping that they make a stronger formula like 2% SA with 2.5% BP to get rid of onsetting pimples in a couple of days. Well they did! And I wasn't so sure if I like the formulation. It is a super strong formula called Super Terminator



It has 10% BP and 1% SA. Well i'm afraid to try that. It may burn a hole in your face overnight! (If they want to go all out, they should have put 2% SA instead). I think they went a little overboard on this one because I've tried a 10% BP and that spot got very sensitive, it hurts. I just wish they upped the ante just a little bit, as I have suggested, with their original formula.

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I use this a little bit, I like it. Has never burned a hole on my face. I guess it's the skin type. Clears up acne. I don't know why I forgot about this. Thanks bunches I'm gonna start using it again. I have been freakin lazy on putting acne treatment on i'm breaking out and crap. I'm gonna mix in this spot treatment at times it works very well.

Go get it, it does not treat pimples over night haha! But if you put it on the same pimple for about 2 or 3 days it will go away. I remember using this sometimes it would make my pimple, just my pimple black and crusty so I could just scratch at it and it was gone :) very weird, that happened only once in a while. Cool stuff.

Way better than that stupid clearasil spot acne treatment

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