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I have been dealing with acne since freshman year in HS. Back then it was mild...and oh what I wouldn't give to have the skin I thought was so hideous...LOL! I have 2 children, and after each one it got worse. I started 40 mg a day on March 29th. After my 1st month I'll be going to 80mg a day for the remaining 5 months.

Day 1

Awful... I can't even describe. Took my pill with dinner, and woke up in the wee hours with a massive headache. Ran to the bathroom and vomited for what seemed like a life time. Battled a dull headache for most of the day.

(Skipped Day 2....My experience was so awful, I was scared to try again).

Day 3 Took my tane, and 2 hours later popped 2 advil to try and prevent the horrible reaction I had the 1st night. Well, I guess it worked! I woke up feeling fine. A little sore all over, and a slight dull headache.. par for the course I guess!

Day 4 I haven't had any new breakouts since I started! All the pimples around my chin are nearly flat. Although one pimple I had on my cheek has gotten a little inflamed and painful. Very slight headache today, but I barely even noticed it. Nothing is chapped or dry on me, yet!

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Hi Kate!

I'm sorry to hear about the horrific first day on Accutane... but at least now you're on your way. I started about a week after you. Do you mind me asking how much you weigh?

Anyway, all the best on your journey to clear skin! :)


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