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Ok so heres the deal, I have been using finacea PM for the last three months and things have been calm except i get a minor breakout pretty much weekly or every week and half....so I decided maybe i need something for the AM as well....

so i figured why not incorporate neutroguena on the spot (BP) in the AM and keep doing Finacea PM

first 3 days i didnt even notice i was using it...but then

day 4 i got irratated and red...i read online it takes awhile to "adjust" to benzoyl peroxide

day 6 i broke out really bad...worse than i have since b4 finecea...3 pimples on chin and kinda big type red pimple on cheek

so now im kinda worried...should i get off the BP and stick with the finecea or will my skin adjust to the combo and work better??!?!?!?

i guess im scared cause both medicines say not to use any other harsh topicals...is this combo too strong and irratating...because im sure the breakout is cause the irratation

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personally, i wouldn't combine the two. if you've been using finacea three months and still aren't seeing the improvement you want, i would ask your derm what the next step would be. maybe you should just start using it am and pm. definitely ask your derm before adding anything else, because the combination could do more harm than good as you've witnessed.

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i agree.if you want to add anything to the morning i would say just use finacea twice a day.it sounds like the bp and finacea is too strong for your face

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