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I am new to the post and wanted to say how much I appreciate these message boards. I started Dan's regimen a week ago and have seen improvement. I'm 28 and have had mild/moderate acne since the age of 14. I went through a course of Accutane in my early twenties but my acne has crept back over the last few years. I have hormonal acne on my chin/jawline with closed comedones/clogged pores, pustules and the occasional cyst. The BP has helped the pustules and cysts and I introduced an AHA cream in the last few days for exfoliation. I saw my dermatologist yesterday and he prescibed a clindamycin (1%)/retinoin (.25%) gel and instructed me to use it in the morning and the BP at night. I've read a lot about the antibiotic/retinoids on the boards and think it may help my comedones, but I'm afraid that it might trigger or be counterproductive with my BP regimen. Should I go ahead and use the gel the derm. prescribed and deal with the consequences, or just keep using only the BP/AHA combo and hope the comedones get better? Any advice is appreciated.

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The retinoid should help the closed comedones more than the AHA will, but you may also get an initial flare of your acne (this happens to some people when they start a retinoid) - so if you use it, just be prepared for that. Clindamycin will help kill the acne bacteria, and is also good at reducing inflamation.

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