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Eating Raw Garlic Ancient Medicine

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Why Is Garlic Good For You?

Why is garlic, in its original form or as the extract of the aged vegetable, good for you? Garlic contains germanium and selenium, which are sulfur-containing antioxidants that boost the immune system. In the study mentioned, conducted by Dr. Tariq Abdullah, Kyolic killed 20 percent more of the tumor cells in laboratory cultures than did raw garlic. And raw garlic is by itself one of the most potent boosters of your natural killer cells.

Kyolic has also been found more beneficial for hypoglycemics -- people with low blood sugar levels -- than raw garlic. The latter lowers the blood sugar level, unfortunately, but Kyolic stabilizes it. The aging process that creates Kyolic produces a supplement whose benefits I find stronger than those of raw garlic.

As enthusiastic as I am about barley grass, if someone were to ask me which single supplement he or she should use, I would recommend Kyolic garlic. It is among the oldest and most versatile of the documented natural remedies. When Hippocrates, the father of diagnostic medicine, was busy noting which treatments worked for the Greek people he treated, he listed garlic. A total of twenty-two ancient Egyptian remedies were found to use garlic, as noted in the Ebers Papyrus dating from the sixteenth century B.C.E.

Garlic was a tool against the plague when it struck Marseilles in the 1770s. Albert Schweitzer found that, when he ran out of pharmaceutical supplies in his African mission, garlic successfully stopped dysentery. Louis Pasteur discovered that garlic had antibacterial properties. The Vikings would not go on long sea voyages without garlic. And, of course, as we know from fiction, garlic is an excellent defense against vampires.

So many people don't even hesitate to run to a doctor when they have health problems. Tragically, doctors kill 250,000 patients each year in the U.S. alone according to the Journal of the American Medical Association. Unbeknownst to many people, there are thousands of natural cures and remedies available without out all the dangerous side effects of most drugs. Every drug has side effects. In fact, it is the desired good side effect that causes doctors to prescribe any particular drug. However, many drugs attack the liver, sometimes even causing death. Most drugs do possess potentially serious side effects. My personal opinion is that it's always better to at least TRY a natural home remedy than to risk taking Pharmaceutical drugs that may damage your body or make you one of those 106,000 patients who die EACH year from non-error negative drug effects. Please don't misunderstand me, I thank God for doctors, and we definitely should go to the doctor if we have certain symptoms. The irony of the 250,000 patients killed each year by drugs and doctors is that many people have also died because they DIDN'T go to a doctor. Many people have died within days with nothing more than flu-like symptoms. So you have to use your brain here. What I usually do is go to the doctor, see what they diagnosis me with, and THEN go to the internet to look for natural or alternative cure. I usually find something. Please keep in mind that I am NOT a doctor.

That said, eating raw garlic has been used as a natural cure for centuries for everything from treating the common cold to fighting skin fungus. Garlic, hot peppers, and onions have been used to prevent and treat colds for centuries. Some hot salsa will clear out your sinuses quickly. Some claim that skin fungus can be remedied and prevented by eating a few crushed cloves of fresh raw garlic daily. Fungus doesn't like garlic in your bodies' sweat. Also, cut back on your sugar intake which feeds the fungus. All those sugary donuts and soft drinks are horrible for the body anyway. "Tea tree oil" used topically has been claimed to rid the body of skin fungus. As you will learn in the articles to follow, there are many claims that garlic may also prevent cancer, lower cholesterol, and kill viral infections. Garlic is cheap and you can't overdose on it.

Also, few people realize just how critical water is to the body. Good health requires an overall effort in all areas, not just in the area of diet. A body needs fresh air, pure water, exercise, some sunshine, and very importantly...a sound mind to reduce stress. Things which cause stress will NEVER go away, so we must learn to live a stress free life by cultivating the proper mental/spiritual attitude towards the things that stress most people out. You are about to learn the fascinating truth about garlic. To reduce the effects of garlic odor on your breath, take the garlic before you go to sleep at night. Also, fresh garlic is potent and should be taken with a meal. I find that natural fruit juice goes well with garlic. It's important to crush it up in your mouth (or with a spoon) before you swallow it. Don't cook it. Only crush the garlic when you're going to take it...crushed garlic loses it's effectiveness after one hour. Garlic pills are worthless. No one can take care of your body except you.


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