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Popping/forcing out lumps

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I'm not too sure what exactly its called but i'll try to describe it. Whenever my face gets bumpy, i can usually see the opening of the pore and there's like a lump in the pore. I think its blackheads but i'm not sure. Anyway, these lumps are kinda yellowish and look like insect eggs or something and I am constantly squeezing them out of my face so that it doesn't feel so bumpy. My question is, is this faster/better than to leave it there and wait for it to disappear? Usually, after the lumps come out, the redness stays for a few days to a few weeks. Are there long term complications such as scarring and enlarged pores? I often pop closed pimples too and I also get these lumps. Its really frustrating and I don't know what to do. I'm on the regimen but I don't think it does very much for these bumps... Any help would be appreciated.

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little lumps ...... ehhh like small pimples? like the ones you sometimes get on your nose? if they are really small like those it wouldnt hurt BUT dotn force out large pimples everyday when they arent ready to come out or it could stay there for days before coming to a poppable head.

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