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I'm going to stick with it, but help dissuade my doubts...

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I'm new to the regimen (and posting on here), but here goes...

I'm doing this after giving up on ProActiv -- I took accutane about 3 years ago and it cleared me up for a while, with mild acne to return. I've been on this for 2 1/2 weeks so far, and my complexion has improved. But several pimples are beginning to come to the surface -- they stay small, but they are primarily around my mouth (chin and lower cheeks). I assume this is normal at this stage, right? (and yes I have read the what to expect page at acne.org)

Plus I'm getting a bit oily in the T-Zone even though i find the purpose soap to be somewhat drying...I'm using Neutrogena Oil-Free SPF 15, does the Purpose or the Oil of Olay moisturizer work better w/oily-combo skin?

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I have very oily skin and I use the Eucerin Renewel w/ SPF 15, I love the mosturizer. It works great to eliminate any dryness from the BP and it helps to keep the skin less oily.

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Thanks for the advice...I posted something asking others what they use besides the purpose bar earlier, but no response.

I tried a Cetaphil combination when I first started the regimen nearly 3 weeks ago b/c I was travelling and it was all I brought with me -- Cetaphil's light cleanser in the morning and Cetaphil daily cleanser for normal to oily skin in the evening to get all of my makeup off. It worked well, wondering if I should go back to it?

The dryness I am experiencing with the Purpose soap could also be related to the slight increases I am making in BP usage -- is the wash by purpose less drying?

I started using the Renewal moisturizer last night -- it's fairly light as long as you use a small amount of it. I'll see how it works during the day today...

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