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Co2 Laser versus Dermabrasion

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Pete, you look GREAT! I don't see exactly what you're referring to when you mention "contour" defects - maybe the pic doesn't show them or it's just something that YOU notice? Anyway, I would suggest (based on MY OWN experience) a dermabrasion by a VERY SKILLED AND REPUTABLE doctor. But --- maybe your skin doesn't lend itself to this procedure? You said you'd had it done before & I assume it was either botched or you didn't heal well. Could your doctor have possibly been negligent or a quack? Please, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, do not sandpaper your own face! ANYTHING but that!!!!!

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I have never tried to understand why CO2 would even out skin depressions because I have never wanted to try it. I am assuming that the energy in the light beem is calibrated to penetrate and burn skin to a certain depth. However, as the beem goes over a depression (scar) it seems to me that the "air" provides no measurable resistance and absorption of energy, so it simply burns a little deeper in depressed areas then in nondepressed adjacent skin. Hence, it seems to me that you would not achieve a smooth end result.

Again, this is just my vision of how it works that might explain how a sanding approach could achieve a smoother result, despite the huge risk of operator error.

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