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Help me avoid another scar. PLEASE.

I heard from another site that Lemon Juice was an excellent remody for scars. Mine are deep pits. I tried it a few months ago on one scar and was amazed at the results, it really worked.

2 weeks ago I decided to try it on another one. But it seems to have mnade it worse #-o . Whereas before it was an icepick, it seems to be forming into a biiger scar - another deep pit ](*,) And it is soooo noticable, on the front of my nose.

My skin has been fairly clear over the last few years (except for one time I came off dianette) But because of this latest, and may I add self inflicted, episode, the old feelings of dispair are coming back. I dont want to go out - I have dodged my friends for 2 weeks now. My mum showed me a magazine with recommendations for Bio-Oil (does it work?) so shes noticed what Ive done.

How can I stop this scar being permanent? Ive tried to leave it alone, moisturise it, Ive tried calamine lotion. What next? I feel awful. Ive not seen my partner for a few weeks, hes working away, and Im due to see him this weekend, I need to improve it by then, I cant have him see me like this. I dont care if the skin is red, that can be covered up, but I cant have this pit staying.


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