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New bumps after Tretinoin for 7 weeks?

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I just finished my 8th week of tretinoin (2.5%). For Week 1-7, I also took 2 100 mg capsules of minocycline a day. Last Saturday, I started cutting back to 1 capsule a day, hoping to ween myself off of mino without a bad reaction.

The days leading up the last weekend, I could only feel maybe 3 bumps on my skin. It was really just the red marks that needed work.

However, around last weekend, I started to feel more bumps on my face. I don't really think my reduction in mino could've worked that quickly. There is a chance one of my make-up powders made me break out, though. (I'm not going to use it anymore.) Though I can't remember using that make-up within the past month except for last Wednesday. Would it have made me break-out this quickly, increasing my number of already-there bumps? (I'm sorry if this isn't making any sense.)

!! I was wondering how tretinoin will treat it. Are these bumps that happened at the beginning of my treatment (since I've read that acne takes a long time to form)? Will tretinoin make these bumps heal faster? Is it that tretinoin has stopped working for me? !!

When I say bumps, I mean they range from actual pimples to barely noticeable bumps (but being able to feel them when I shower drives me insane.) Oh, and no, I'm not on that time of the month, if that makes a difference. Though I might be soon; I haven't checked the calendar lately.

Argh, I had so much hope to be done with acne by mid-March, but then these little bumps came and kept multiplying.


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