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little labbit

erupting plugs during the purge!

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just my little extracting during purging routine-

my pores are so clogged w/ white stuff they're swollen and practically bursting!

when i wake up it is especially bad-also in the evening-2x a day i am purging

-with a clean finger, medium pressure-i just run finger over plugs/pores and white stuff comes out!

(that's all the pressure it takes!)

-for deeper removal of the white gunk, i use the loop part of the "sephora complexion extractor w/ lance."this loop is different than most that are found on extractors-it is more like a silver ball with a tiny hole in it-it does not scrape or damage the skin no matter how hard you press-the ball is completely smooth.

you put the tiny hole part over your white head and press down-the gunk goes into the hole-(it does not extract blackheads very well-which is good because it won't let you damage your face by going after pimples that aren't completely ready).

i just lightly tap this tool over the ares i am purging from and my pores just erupt and the plugs just slide off! i mean, i can't just leave my skin all clogged and congested-it feels better to release the crap-it actually reduces the swelling.

i guess i just have an extreme amount of "stuff" that has been hiding out under the layers of skin all this time and it is ALL coming out now.


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