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best things to apply on red healing skin

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oh boy, thank god i read somewhere here not to put mederma on newly healed skin cause it prevents growth.

well can u please put here all the products u do recommend to improve healing of red mark?

i have:

duderm-but a bit rough so may use when closer to real skin




scarzone acne topical diminishing cream


cocoa butter formula with vit E


tape--haven't used it but read about it here, consider it or too early?

please advise,

this is for my face newly healing, red, slightly indented, sharp edges.

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mmmh no replies?

well my conclusion so far is if the red spot is relatively big, leave it alone and apply only neosporin.

cause i applied the other stuff and maybe it was the retinA but got thin and part of it peeled off. so that will further delay healing ](*,)

ok, so i will leave it alone and just put neosporin.

any suggestions when i should apply anything else? maybe one to two weeks?

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neosporin is really good since it keeps the area moist and less likely to scab and fall off in the middle of the night. Also, you can buy tiny round bandaids to put over the spot to prevent a scab from falling off prematurely. The biggest lesson of all is never pick at a scab!

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I need similar help - I had a nasty spot on my nose and it looks to be leaving a new scar. How can I prevent it from scarring?

It is already a sort of crater, it is a dent not a lump which can dry up, fall off and leave nice skin underneath. I dont know whether I should leave it alone to heal and close over, OR if I do leave it alone will it form a permanent scar.

What if it doesnt close over? What can I do to help the growth of healthy new skin? Im distraught, I already have scars on the sides of my nose, dont want one on the tip of it. I feel sick with nerves.

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Yes - I would definitely avoid Mederma.

If those were my choices then I would choose:

vaseline or neosporin.

Other possible options are:

A&D Ointment & Polysporin

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Here's something really good for red marks. It's called Plexion SCT. Make sure you get the SCT. It's prescription only, so next time you go to the derm, ask for a sample or two. The stuff comes in little mint green and lavendar tubes. It's got sulfur in it. You put it on at night and sometimes by the next morning the red mark will be gone. My daughter had a facial where the lady picked the heck out of her face, then gave her the samples for the red marks. The derm wasn't used to prescribing it, but we said the esthetician recommended it and it seemed to work. You might want to tell the derm the same thing (that your esthetician recommended it).

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