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Retin-A-Micro / Moisturizer

I am currently on the Retin-A-Micro, and my skin is a bit dry. Usually, after I shower, I use a toner and then my daily sunscreen. But, is there any other moisturizer any of y'all know of that might help he out? My skin doesn't necessarily flake/peel or anything, it just feels kinda tight and dry until I use those other products... Since it is not summer , where I live is not very humid anymore, so the dryness is starting to affect me..

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yeah i definately agree with leah... Oil of Olay is light and won't clog your pores. I just started on Retin-A Micro again which was the only thing that cleared my skin a few years ago so I have been dry as well. Oil of olay is what I'm using and so far so good.

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Hey, I'm new to this board and have been looking at all the posts when yours jumped out at me because I had just gone to the dermatoligist and was prescribed Retin-A .025% and 100mg. of Minocycline. Below is the EXACT regimen that the deramatologist told me to follow, exact products and time:

Morning: 1. Moderate temperature, quick shower (She told me longer and hotter showers is a big contribution to dry skin sad.gif ) and use NO face products in the shower because there effectiveness willl not be very high. 2. Shave with Neutrogena for Men Skin Protection Shave Gel and Mach 3 razor (Although I think that the Sensor Excel is much better for people with acne.)

3. Proactiv 3-Step System

4. Cetaphil Moisturizer ( smile.gif Works great and you only need and EXTREMELY small amount for your whole face.)

Night: 1. Cetaphil cleanser (just the regular skin formula, NOT OILY SKIN)

2. Wait 30 minutes then apply pea-sized amount of Retin-A (every other night, she said it has the same effectiveness and less irritation)

3. Wait 5 minutes and apply a smaller amount of Cetaphil than in the morning.

I take the minocycline at night on an empty stomach. I am only 3 days in so I have no idea if it is working and it seems like a TON of stuff, but wish me luck! 8-[

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