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My story: 29yo, mild to moderate nodulocystic acne, 120mg/kg/treatment

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Before you go on Roacutane maybe it is worth to check if your acne is a real acne. I've fighted with my "acne" for 20 years to find out that it is not acne, but the source of my problems is coeliac disease.

Just few months after going on gluten free diet my skin is perfect. At the same time I feel much better and don't feel discomfort in my stomach.

All the best for you in your fight with acne! This is my final posting here, I am moving to coeliac disease forum :)

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Hi. Coeliac disease is not really common (1% of population), but the general message should be that your acne may be in fact caused by something else;

The other lesson to learn is that dermatologists are really narrowly educated and they are usually not able to recognize illnesses which are in fact not a dermatological disease - simply they didn't learn about it.

The other thing is that as I know from my business: I believe that maybe 10% of students from my year are a good analysts (and they should be in my business); it's surely similar with doctors - maybe 10% of them can find something what was not in their "instruction manual"; unfortunately as I know from my friends who are doctors - no good students go to specialize in dermatology... Then withs some exceptions non of 10% of the best will be dermatologist...

That's it...

BTW, I was to move to different forum ;)

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