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Does anyone have any suggestions for a good makeup to use while on accutane?(I wasn't sure if I should put this here or in the makeup forum, sorry) I use a liquid makeup now, but towards the end of the day, it starts to look a little cracked and weird. Maybe that just can't be avoided though.

Also, can you put Vaseline on your face, or will it clog pores?

Annnd this is kinda weird. I'm on day 12 of Sotret 40mg, and I'm still using Tazorac...is that OK? My derm said I probably wouldn't want to, but as long as I use moisturizer, it doesn't really irritate my skin too bad, so I've been using it.

Any advice would be appreciated! :surprised:

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Eh.... You might not want to hear this depending on if you are sick of the mineral makeup trend, but maybe you should try mineral makeup! It has great coverage and is much lighter than liquid foundation. You can buy Physicians Formula at Walmart and its pretty cheap. Or you can order samples online from brands like Aubreynicole, Everyday Minerals, Signature Minerals etc... If you post this in the makeup forum people will go nuts and give you all sorts of makeup advice. They love doing that over there in those forums :)

As for vaseline, I would not want to put that on my face.. It totally clogs pores on my face.. mostly white heads so I would try to avoid that if possible.

Lastly, I have never used Tazorac but I do use prescription BP and my derm told me that I should stop using it once I start taking accutane (which I did follow his advice) before I knew it my face was SO dry that I am so grateful I wasn't doing anything more irritating to my skin beforehand. So I would suggest to stop using any topicals before the dryness hits you like a train.

Anyways good luck on your course!

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i agree, mineral make up is good, but you may get the same cracked effect. you probably wouldnt even consider the idea of wearing no makeup so i'd say a good tinted moisturizer would be just perfect, neutrogena makes a good one. good luck :dance:

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