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Clippers/Electric Shaving

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Hey guys...just wondering what you what clippers you would recommend? I remember a few weeks back talk about how it was much less irritating than wet-shaving with a razor.

My skin is the worse it has ever been in my life now not in how many spots I get, but how huge painful and hard the spots I get now, been on the regimen since December, strict with it, loads of BP and so on... I've used the same products since the start...however my skin is just awful, its freaking me out because I used to have acne that was whiteheads and so on, now since the regimen and shaving on the side of my face the spots I get aren’t small and un noticeable, or whiteheads that go after a day or two - they are huge, hard red bumps that leave huge red marks and are just getting me completely depressed. Why isn’t the regimen working on my (then) mild acne, now it’s like it’s caused me to move into the more moderate/severe and it freaks me out!

Maybe getting clippers instead of wet shaving will improve things, but I don’t know…it’s my last option. This picture doesnt show how worse it looks in person, but do you think its a shaving problem?


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Well i believe it was said that you can shave with the DKR Face wash... but that obviously wont work with an electric shaver... ( or will it? idk)

I not too sure on this subject, since i use a 3 head electric shaver, and shave my face dry, and have never had any irritation or break outs due to it...

But yea, maybe a blade razer with some type of cream, or using it with the cleanser will work.

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Yeah I use Cetaphil Cleanser Bar and make a lather…then shave with the Gillette Razor Excel. But I think its using a razor on my face in general that’s making my acne even worse.

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I'v been using a beard trimmer without a guard for over 2 years, in my experience there isn't much difference between the brands and models- they all leave a 5o,clock shadow depending on the thickness of your growth and they all do it with very little irritation to the skin but if I had to choose a "best" one I'd say that this affordable little baby is all you need:

wahl groomsman

Just remember to clean the blades after EVERY use to avoid spreading infection, I use antiseptic wipes from the chemist or sometimes a bit of savlon on a cloth.

If you're lazy though there are waterproof clippers available which can be washed under the tap and used in the shower, I'v never used one though.

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I use a philishave one, I've used a few and many didn't glide nearly as well across my face.

I've found that I can now wet shave at night if I use sudocrem right after, in the morning zero irritation which is a first for me.

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