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My Minocycline and Tazorac Log

Today is DAY2 of my new regiment involvoling minocycline 2x a day and Tazorac 0.1% cream at night.

The tazorac applied last night seemed to make old zits a little more red and surfaced about 3 pre-existing zits.

#of zits:36 cry.gif

dryness level: 0/10 O:)

redness level: 1/10 O:)

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Today is DAY7 of my minocycline 2x a day and Tazorac 0.1% cream at night regiment.

Overall, i'm seeing my face change a little and i'm liking the results i'm getting. smile.gif

#of zits:31biggrin.gif/ the number of zits decreased by about 5 overall. I have 3 main patches of acne; each cheek and chin. All areas saw a great reduction in pimple size. I think by next week my number of zits should go down to 25 maybe [-o<

dryness level:4/10 over this week, the dryness increased. It was not typical dryness though; it was kind of like the surface layer of skin coming off each day, which washed away when i washed my face.

redness level:1/10 redness remained the same

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This week, i had several (5 or 6) pre-existing zits come to the surface. I'm hoping that this is the "breakout period" that i've heard other people get from tazorac, cuz 5 or 6 new isn't too bad.

#of zits:31 8-[ the number of zits remained roughly the same, but other ones went away.

dryness level: 6/10 more dryness was noticed around my mouth, nose and chin areas.

redness level: 1/10 redness remained the same

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DAY 21

This week, i think the "breakout period" continued. I'm noticing that my face recovers from a pimple way faster than before. Before starting the tazorac and minocycline, i would get a zit and it would last for a couple weeks (usually 2-3 weeks); now, i can get a new pimple and it is on its way to full recovery around 9 days or so.

This is the third week I have been on this program. Since new pimples form 2-3 weeks before they show up on your face, i'm hoping that pretty much most of the pimples have come up and I can finally start seeing the red marks fade.

The two patches of acne on my cheeks have 90% cleared up and I can tell that the red marks have been diminishing. Now its just my chin area that i'm worrying about...2 bad acne areas down...1 to go.

#of zits:29 the number of zits remained about the same. those 5 or 6 new ones that appeared last week are on their way to clearing up. I've noticed that the redmarks are fading, too. biggrin.gif/

dryness level: 7.5/10 This week got QUITE dry..I had to skip an application of tazorac to let my face recover for a day.

redness level: 5/10 redness also increased as the dryness increased.


"Stop the acne, end the insanity, and have peace of mind that you can go outdoors once again."

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Hi! I'm on almost the exact same plan as you except my minocycline is 135 mg. I was wondering how often you apply tazorac and how you apply it? I'm starting my plan tomorrow and I'm very nervous :( 

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