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Less Meat, Less Dairy

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I've found that eating less meat and practically no dairy has really helped my skin. I'm completely turned off beef, pork, etc. but will have chicken occasionally. I'm working on eating more fish, but some of my family doesn't like fish so it's difficult. My mother who is a nurse said that part of the reason why my skin may be improving is due to the fact that I'm cutting out a lot of hormones that would be in the meat and dairy, plus that also cuts back on my fat intake. I've had to stop eating foods with a lot of butter as well since my face tends to flare up after I've had a good amount of butter. This meant giving up some of my favorite breads :( , but I think I'll live. I've become more "vegetably aware" as I told my father one day when he made fun of my sudden interest in vegetarian dishes. I still eat eggs, which is my main source of protien now and I'm learning more about having a healthy vegetarian diet.

I hope this info helps anyone that was considering dieting to help their skin, though I wouldn't say that it helps all cases of acne. Eating healthier is still always a good thing.

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Seriously? Yes, I had them regularly too. I always had one in my mouth. And if one went away, then 2 days later I'd get another one. I always had orajel on hand.

Anyway, I stopped eating meat and noticed a great improvement in my canker sores. They weren't as frequent. I then realized that when I ate large amounts of cheese everyday, I'd get a canker sore.

I think that there is a chemical that they are putting in the meat and its ending up in the cheese as well... and some people are allergic to it.

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I try to stay away from red meat mostly... I eat fish and chicken quite a bit though and lots of organic grains and veggies. It makes me feel better...

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