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Accutane & Tea Tree Oil

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Alright, this is something new im trying out. I've read alot about tea tree oil and done my research. It seams to me as though its an awsome product that might actually help me during my accutane treatment. I've been on accutane for 2 weeks now... my IB was bad :( but its starting to look better now! Few days ago I decided to try tea tree oil as part of my "facial wash" regimen. Yesss.... i know i shouldnt be using any products other then moisturizer and a gentle face wash while im on accutane...but I really think its goning to help.

Before accutane i tried all the other the BS creams, facewashes, cleansers etc... the only thing that seamed to work was Benzyol Peroxide but the side effects were very obvious on my skin. Benzyol made my skin very dry and at times even itchy/red. I've been "testing" my tolerance to Tea tree oil this past week on 2 or three "red marks" left behing after acne and all I have to say is that it really helped speed the healing of the discoloration AND Most importantly... no side effects besides minimal dryness but nothing compared to Benzyol P. After testing it for a week I had no allergic reactions to the all natural product and decided it was safe for my skin. Today I dilluted about 8 or 10 drops of natural Tea tree oil (37%) in a cup of water. Rinsed my face the slowly washed my face with the diluted tea tre oil. My active bumps Actually reduced in size and were no as longer painfull 10 minutes after washing my face. It left my face refreshed and fealing great.

As of tomorrow, im planning on using tea tree oil 3 times daily. Ill keep posting results for the upcoming weeks. I really think this will help me. If anyone is interested in trying so please be carefulll. I do not advise anyone to do so but if anyone is interested i suggest you make sure u dont have allergies to this product and make sure you DILUTE it because you will no benefit from it being stronger. Heres a site where you can get some more info about tea tree oil:


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OK today was day 2, I have been waching my face tree times daily and im seeing results! I start of by washing my face with cetaphil then i dilute 8 drops of tea tree oil in a cup of water that i rinse my face with. Tea tree oil has anti-microbial properties, so it kills off the bacteria that cause acne.

Many red marks are disapearing quickly, ill keep posting my results.

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wassup....just a word of advice.......i suggest u use jojoba oil with that TTO (or watever topical) u are using. Will help dryness/flakiness tremendously especially for sensitive skin and someone on accutane....peace

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