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what about like drinks casue.. casue i like to drink a lot what kinda stuff should i drink? milk?pops?frutopia?gatorade"powerade?juices?water?

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There are vitamins that Murad makes called "pure skin", they are supposed to reduce your acne by 55%. Ive never used them myself, but I work at a salon and we can't keep these on the shelves! Check out www.murad.com and type in "Pure Skin" and it will tell you all about them!

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I have no idea how these people know it will reduce blemishes by 55%???

Im not sure if it even does, its just what they say, and they are very popular at my salon, so who knows!

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WOW. What a litany of misinformation and half-truths. No multivitamin/multimineral will clear u up. Neither will zinc, vitam A, C or E. Do not overindulge on Vitamin A as it is quite harmful.

I have seen an enormous amount of anecdotal info on B5, and u might want to try it for a couple of months. The long term side effects are unknown.

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Regardless of your skin's condition, it can't hurt to add vitamins to your routine, as long as you don't overdo it. I take a mulit-vitamin, and extra vitamin e, but that's just cause my doctor told me to for my immune system. I have no idea what they do for your skin, but I'm sure it can't hurt your skin if your internal organs and what not are getting the right vitamins...and I agree with the others...more water is always better biggrin.gif .

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